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Redirect home page when signing out Hotmail

Updated on May 3, 2013

Change redirect home page when signing out Hotmail Internet Explorer 9

I ran into this issue after installing Internet Explorer updates (IE 9). When you sign out of Hotmail you automatically get redirected to MSN. Many people (including myself) would rather be redirected to a webpage of our choosing. That doesn't seem too be much to ask, right? WRONG...with IE9 anyway. So after much research (and frustration) I FINALLY found a solution. It does require a few downloads and steps to complete. Here we GO...

  1. Download a program called IE7PRO. You can do a simple search for IE7PRO or download it HERE
  2. Download the following script: (this script will re-direct you to GOOGLE)
  3. If you would like it to redirect to a different site than Google you can edit the script with a script editor, you can find FREE editors on the web.
  4. Install IE7PRO (no need to install PRoSense) also make your to ENABLE the GrabPro Add-On if it prompts you.
  5. Unzip the file
  6. Move the unzipped file (4220.ieuser.js) to the C:/Program Files (x86)/IEPro/User script/ (for 64bit) or C:/Program Files/IEPro/User script/ (for 32bit)
  7. Open Internet Explorer
  8. TOOLS
  9. IE7PRO PREFERENCES (if you don't see it then make sure the ADD-ON is enabled)
  10. Scroll down and click USER PREFERENCES
  12. Click OK

That's it!!

Below you can view a video I made performing the above steps

Feel free ask any questions in the comment field below.


IE9 Redirect


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