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Charter Cable TV Deals

Updated on January 2, 2016

If you are looking to make a dent in your monthly budget, the satellite TV bill might be one area to target. While satellite television is generally a little lower in price when compared to cable, some switch just for the promotional offers that are heavily discounted during the first year. If you live in an area served by Charter, you might want to consider one of their package deals. They can save you some money if you are paying full price with another provider like DISH or DIRECTV.

Here is an overview covering some of the current Charter cable deals being offered.

Charter Triple Play

The best Charter deals are built around their triple play package of services. With these cable bundles, you get Charter digital cable service along with high speed internet access and your home phone. If you don't want or need a home phone line, you do have the option of leaving that off and getting a double play package instead.

Current offers start at $29.99 for each product. So for just $90 plus monthly taxes and fees, you can be completely set up with three Charter services. Offers do vary slightly by market, but in most areas this deal is available for the first year of service.

Charter Internet Speeds

While different speeds are available, the Charter Internet plus tier offers 30 Mbps and is included in most triple play offers. With speeds like this, telecommuters and online gamers can easily achieve anything they want while online.

Charter deals can be customized to give you exactly what you want from your cable company. Start with the Internet Plus with 30 Mbps downloads, then add your choice of Select, Silver, or Gold when it comes to the digital TV service. First evaluate how much TV your family watches and the particular networks that are "must haves".

From there, you can easily review the channels offered on the Charter website to determine the right package for your family.

Charter Offers and Promotions

The next step to take is to order online is because that is where the best deals are offered. Cable and telephone companies would rather have you order in this way as it saves them labor costs with a customer service representative sitting behind a desk taking calls. As an incentive to get you to order online, the current Charter promotion offers you a gift card if you order service online and complete the rebate form. The amount of the cash back card depends on the package you order and in some cases a contract must be signed.

As mentioned, Charter offers entry level packages for around $90 for all three home services. Additionally, you may be eligible for a buyout of your current contract if you have an alternate provider. Check with Charter for the details and availability.

As mentioned, these Charter triple play deals lock in your price for one year, so you can be assured that you will save money through 2013. When 2014 rolls around, you will probably want to evaluate the rates offered by Charter and compare them with what other video providers offer in your area. The ugly side of these triple play offers is the regular price, oftentimes it can be as much as 50% more than the promotional offer - something to keep in mind when looking at the big picture. Another thing to remember is that if you want to add the Charter DVR, then you will pay an additional $20 a month.

The current crop of Charter cable deals are fairly competitive with the alternatives. Not only have satellite television providers put pressure on Charter, but new players like AT&T Uverse have also come on the scene in recent years to compete against the cable company, insuring that the customer wins when shopping for service.

Charter Cable Deals

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Charter Cable


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