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Cheap Portable TVs - Cheap Small TVs For Sale Online

Updated on June 8, 2011

If there's one thing that has grown the most in the last decade, one piece of technology that become the forefront of the technological revoltion, then it's TVs. HD TVs, LCD TVs... even 3D TVs. The amount of different televisions for sale online is endless, making your choice on what TV is best for you, well, difficult.

However, and this is a big however, if you've come to this article then your choice isn't as difficult; in fact it's probably not even hard at all. You've come here because you're looking for portable televisions; you want to find the cheapest portable TV for sale; you want to, if you can, find the best cheap portable TVs for sale online.

Am I right?

Probably; if I am you've come to the right place. Whether it's a cheap casio portable television, or it's a portable TV for cars, the list of portable TVs for sale is endless. The best part? Compared to normal televisions, cheap small and portable televisions are easy to find.


Cheap Portable TVs vs Cheap Small TVs

First thing first: we have to clear up some confusion.  Not all small TVs for sale are portable TVs; not all portable TVs are small televisions.  Alright - so I could go on like this forever.   My point is that, although the majority of small televisions for sale are portable, not all of them are.  

So, then, you have to decide what you're looking for.

Do you want, 

  1. A cheap portable television that can work in cars, in the park and virtually ever.
  2. A small TV that can be easily moved and set up in various places.
  3. A cheap, small, portable TV.

Cheap Casio Portable Televisions

Casio portable TVs are a couple of things:

  1. They are very cheap portable televisions, all of them under a 100 dollars.  This makes them an excellent gift for someone - and for yourself for that matter.
  2. They are some of the best portable TVs on the market.  Hands down they have some of the best quality, many of them featuring LCD screens and sound. 
Casio portable TVs are some of the cheapest portable TVs around - but are they small televisions.  Yes - very small.  These portable TVs are so small, the screens around a couple inches, that they are best used on vacations (on the plane, in the car). 

Buy Cheap Portable Televisions For Cars Online

Cheap Portable TVs For Cars

One of the main reasons people want to buy portable TVs online is that they want one for their cars; usually they have kids, and, yes, they want something to keep the kids quiet for those long drives.   I know that, for me, at least, I loved being able to kill time driving by watching a movie or TV.

Are all portable televisions for cars cheap?  No - portable car TVs are more expensive than, say, Casio TVs, but you'll be getting a high quality LCD screen.

One of the best portable TVs for cars, as well as one of the cheapest, is the Axion Handheld LCD TV.   For under a 100 you'll get a 7 inch LCD screen, a built-in antenna for reception (free cable!), and an A/V input.  It also includes an AC adapter, remote control, external antenna - a perfect TV for your car. 

Cheap Portable Televisions

My favorite category - the best of the rest.  What are the best cheap portable TVs for sale - other than the ones mentioned above?  And what classifies as a cheap portable TV DVDs?

I'll tell you:

  1. Sometimes one cheap portable TV will be different than another discount portable television.  What I mean by this is that it's all about what you get for the money.  If one TV is only a little bit more pricey than another portable device, but has many more features, then what's the better portable television?   Exactly.
  2. Brand names.  Sure a cheap portable screen can look good and seem great, but make sure you check who made.  It's sometimes better to go with the more reliable company. 
  3. Size.  Small portable TVs are some of the cheapest (but some of them are way too small).  Know what kind of size you're looking for before looking at the prices. 



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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It is not normal for a tv to have a ratlte. I would take it back to the store you purchased it from. This brand is not a very good brand for reliability. It is made in China and made of cheap parts. Go online to Home theater magazine and read the reviews on tvs. You will notice that Panasonic has a tv recommended in each price category of entry level to the high end. While Sony, Samsung and Toshiba does not (December issue). Other brands like LG, Sharp, Sanyo and Vizio did not even get mentioned. If you read yahoo questions, you will notice that 95% of tv problems are from LCD and 95% of those are off brands. Hope this will help you out.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      When you want 3d that doesn't use the anaglyph 3d glsases that are in some combination of two colors like red and blue or green and magenta, you have to have extra equipment to do the other two which are polarized (used at theaters) or field sequential (that uses the shutter glsases). I can guarantee that you have never watched a 3d movie in polarize or field sequential on your tv or anyone else's. There is no way that you can just take a vcr tape or dvd and put it in a player and then watch in those two formats. The only 3d format you have seen on tv is anaglyph.For polarized half the pixel need to put out one polarize light wave for the left eye and the other half a different polarized light wave for the right eye. Then your glsases just block the light wave for the other eye. A screen on a regular tv can not do this.For field sequential one lens will open while the other one closes and they do this back a forth very fast. Then when one lens is open the image for that eye flashes on screen. Your regular tv does not have the hardware the tell the glsases when to open and close, and your dvd player can not read the new information on the dvd. It works different thatn what a normal tv can do.The reason they use anaglyph for regular tvs is all right eye images are one color and all left eye images are the other color and then your glsases have the same two colors which block the opposite color. Since almost all tvs are color tvs they can do this 3d format with no problem. That is the format you have seen before on television.


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