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Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones - 5 Best Prepaid Phones For Sale

Updated on June 21, 2011

Not all of us like the idea of being bound to a contract; this is true for a lot of things, such as certain jobs, living in a certain house. One of the biggest things, however, at least in our current society, is being bound to a cell phone contract. There are dozens of different cell phone companies vying for your time (years of time) and your money; the biggest problem with this is that once your committed to a contract, it's hard to leave - without paying any extra money - and it's hard to get a new cell phone for cheap.

Luckily cell phone companies know this and, even more luckily, give you another - perhaps better - option.

Prepaid cell phones are simple in nature: buy a prepaid cell phone online and it will come preloaded with certain features, like talking minutes and texting. If you run out of said minutes or texting, well, you can either buy a new prepaid cheap cell phone (for, say, if you don't like it at all) or buy some more prepaid minutes. It's a simple and convenient process; no contract will have you bound to the floor.

But that's not why you're here. You're here because you want to know what the best prepaid cell phones are; you want a list of cheap prepaid cell phones; you want to know what the best cheap prepaid cell phones for sale are; am I right?

Well -you've come to the right place. Below I'll give you 5 of the cheapest prepaid phones; they are also 5 of the best prepaid mobile phones for sale online, including cheap prepaid cell phones with keyboard, a prepaid android phones. Ready?


Samsung T369 Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile)

As far as the cheap prepaid cell phone for sale online goes, well, this one is right up there. For a price that is one of the best around, this prepaid phone is just asking to be bought.

But is it one of the best prepaid cell phones on the market?

As a phone from LG the answer is a resounding yes - this is a prepaid cell phone that is also one of the best cheap prepaid phones. It is also a cheap prepaid cell phone with keyboard

  • Full QWERTY keyboard.
  • No contracts.
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth
  • 312 hours of battery life (when not talking).

As far as the cheap prepaid minutes go, for this prepaid cell phone they don't get much cheaper.


LG Neon GT365 Prepaid GoPhone with $15 Airtime Credit (AT&T)

The LG Neon is, hands down, one of the best prepaid phones that comes with the cheapest prepaid minutes; it's also one of the most stylish phones, as well as one of many cheap prepaid phones for sale online.

Released a few years ago, the LG Neon is one of the few discount prepaid mobile phones for sale online - as well as one of the few cheap touch prepaid cell phones. So, if you haven't already figured it out, it's a great phone to buy.

  • Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard.
  • Touch screen
  • 2- megapixel camera
  • MicroSD Expansion
  • Digital Audio Player

Samsung a187 Prepaid GoPhone (AT&T) with $15 Airtime Credit

As far as prepaid BlackBerry go, let me the first to break the news to you that the Samsung Blueberry is, well, the closest you'll get to the real thing. And this is, actually, a good thing. The Samsung a187 is one of the best prepaid cell phones, as well as one of the cheapest prepaid Blackberry phones.

The best thing about this prepaid phone is the prepaid cell phone plan that comes with it. It comes with 15$ airtime credit, which is a lot, when just buying a phone.

  • Blackberry interface.
  • VGA camera
  • Bluetooth
  • 300 hours of battery life
  • Email and social networking.

T-Mobile Comet Prepaid Android Phone (T-Mobile)

You saw this one coming: a prepaid android phone. With android phones being the popular iPhone alternative as of late, it was only a matter of time until prepaid android phones became for sale. And, well, let me just say - Thank you.

This prepaid android phone is also one of the cheapest prepaid android phones, as well as one of the best prepaid phones for sale online. Yes: it's that good.

  • Smartphone with Google Marketplace.
  • 2.8 inch touchscreen.
  • 3G
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera.
  • 288 hours of battery life.
  • Music and video playback.

Samsung T201G Prepaid Phone (Net10)

Finally comes the cheapest of the cheap, the best of the cheapest, the... okay - you get the idea. This is one of the cheapest cell phones on the market - as well as possibly the cheapest prepaid cell phone ever for sale online. For those of you who just need a phone to get by for a little awhile, well, this is your best option.

A prepaid cell phone that has only the bare minimum of features, you'll be happy that the prepaid minutes and deals are so cheap.

  • Very slim flip phone
  • Hands-free speaker phone
  • alarm clock
  • 312 hours of battery life!


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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Android mobiles is really Great ,Thanks for the post

    • profile image

      Carly F 6 years ago

      The list price given for each...where is that from? I ask because the Net10 option listed (T201) can be bought off net10's site for $19.99. I just got one for my daughter and it is a decent phone for something basic, though personally, for only $40 more, I'd far prefer the LG900, with capabilities far exceeding those of the T201. Also allows for better use of their $50 unlimited plan. But then that's just me. My daughter will be pleased to know she has a phone that's been rated in the top 5! :)