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Cheap Two Way Radios Versus the Cell Phones

Updated on January 9, 2011

Are you planning to go on hiking or boating? Want to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can buy a cheap two way radio to stay in touch with them while you can climb a mountain or go to boating.

People think that in this technology age when you have cell phones, why would you need radios to stay in touch? For such people the answer is that sometimes even when you are near by your family or team, you don’t get the signals to connect and there these cheap two way radios works magnificently.

Another advantage of using two way radios instead of cell phones is that you only have to buy these once and will not have to pay for anything while you constantly need to recharge the balance in the phone or have to pay after a month or so.

Two way radios have usually more battery life then cell phones and even if you are out for few days you can stay connected without charging these radios.

Some of these two way radios are so small that they can easily fit into your pocket; however some of them also come with a lock that will stick to the loops of your jeans.

Also these modern two way radios have variety of bells similar to the cell phones so that they would look like cell phones too.

Some of the commercial and cheap two way radios are used for businesses that need to be constantly stayed in touch. For construction business, these phones are very useful.

There are many famous companies offering these two-way radios with distinct features and technologies and in various sizes. You can go online and check various radios and compare the prices and the features before buying one. Many online sites give discount coupons and deals so also check for them.


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