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Cheap Two Way Radios for Professional and Personal Usage

Updated on January 9, 2011

The cheap two way radios have undergone some technological development over the years. People should stop considering them to be simply walkie-talkies; they are much more than the kids’ toys.

There are many companies producing these radios, if you are interested in buying one, then you may have to go through the various reviews of these cheap two way radios online. There is a radio set which has 6 batteries so that you can switch to another battery when one ends without any problem of charging it again and again.

Many people would wonder why the radios of the police and fire brigades works almost whole of the city while the cheap two way radios available in the market have a set range like 30 miles etc. The reason behind the wide coverage of their radios is that these organization of police, ambulances and fire route their signals VHF and UHF through radio repeaters on radio towers or in some cases you would find them on the top of tall towers or buildings and due to this they can extend their signals in the whole city or town. So don’t expect your two way radio to have coverage over the whole town, these are special features for special departments only.

While coming to the personal usage of these phones we all know that this device is extremely cheap. You don’t have to dial a number and wait for somebody to pick up the phone and at the end of the month you are expecting some huge bills. The advantage of these cheap two radios is that you can stay in touch with your family. You can even take it with you on the shopping. The kids can go to the nearby play area and both parents and children can enjoy and can stay connected as well.

With little children at home, it is difficult to manage things and mobile phones can be very expensive in this case. The two way radios can be picked up by anyone at home and there isn’t any problem of pressing wrong numbers and ending at large bills.


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