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A No-brainer Technique on How to Use Your Computer as an Electric Guitar Amplifier (Roads to Guitar Greatness)

Updated on March 25, 2015

Just rocking out!

What's the use of having an electric guitar if you don't have an amplifier? You could either burn it to the ground or devise a way to put that thing into work. If I were you, I would pick the latter. And with this gear, you will have the right to thrash out those screaming solos, driving rock rhythms, and irregularly-rhythmed metal riffs you have in that creative mind.





Guitar Rig 5


Things you need to start rocking:

  1. your electric guitar and guitar cable (hopefully they were both sold to you for just one price)
  2. your computer with a working internet connection
  3. a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter
  4. ASIO4ALL driver (free)
  5. Guitar Rig 5 (free)
  6. an earphone or headphone if your computer doesn't have built-in speakers

Things to do to start rocking:

Before anything else, you need to buy yourself an adapter that connects your guitar cable to the 3.5 mm microphone port of your computer. So get out there, work your muscles, and go to your local hardware store. A rocker has got to have a fit body in order to have the endurance when practicing and playing for long hours. This adapter costs about a dollar or less or Php50. Or, if you know someone who has this kind of adapter go figure.

Once you have that adapter, attach it to one end of your guitar cable so that you don't go finding a haywire in a stack of needles if you happen to forget where you put it. Go to your computer, or rent for gods' sake, and turn it on. Then open your favorite browser, or download it if the computer you are using does not happen to have one, and go to the ASIO4ALL website at Download the latest driver for your operating system and install it. Installation should be a breeze.

Then search for a program called Guitar Rig 5, and install it. This piece of software allows you to give life and meaning to the raw sound that would come from your guitar. Yes, you are right, this is the parturition of an amplifier itself. Just give a working e-mail address and country as the site requires you to give them before download begins. Now get your axe (also spelled as 'electric guitar') and guitar cable. Plug one end of the guitar cable to your guitar and the other end with the adapter to your computer microphone port. Also, plug your earphone or headphone to be able to properly configure Guitar Rig 5 for your output audio hardware as it starts.

Open Guitar Rig 5. If you are prompted by the Audio and MIDI settings screen, select ASIO for the driver and ASIO4ALL v2 for the Device. Select which sample rate works for your playback device and click the OK button. Enjoy and Rock on!

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