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Cheap Starcraft Equipment

Updated on January 24, 2011

Gaming Grade Keyboard and Mouse

Starcraft has been a very old game, and has existed for more than a decade. It is the computer game equivalent of chess. An old classic that never grows out of time at least until its sequel is released. And then we shall see.

It operate on a very low resolution, and as a result most of the best pro-gamers have stuck with time worn equipment from keyboards to mouse pads.

Recently there has been a show called Hyung Joon Becomes a Progamer, that chronicles how a person can enter the professional gaming arena in korea. That country is a place where it is culturally acceptable and encouraged to be paid to play. In the show, the pro gamers can be observed to be using the same equipment over and over again. They would only bring their mouse with them or sometimes their keyboard. They, should they forget to bring any of their paraphernalia, can easily withdraw a temporary replacement in stead from the tournament grounds.

For starcraft 2 champion Linda Liao, she uses a mac keyboard with an external mouse if she's not on her desktop. The mouse looks to be a Razer Orca.

Here are some most commonly used equipment including keybaord and mice

Take note that some things might change now that Blizzard might want to earn extra money paying pro gamers to endorse their Starcraft 2 Gaming Keyboards and Mice

For the korean gaming mouse

Due to the low resolution, gamers usually stick with 800 dpi or 1600 dpi lasers with a good build quality and sturdiness. You’ll find that Logitech mini opticals are very commonly found around korea. They are also rather cheap, amounting to just under 20 dollars, easily less if one buys it online. You have to keep in mind that Starcraft is an old game and had a very small resolution, making using this mice a better choice. These days you should probably by these optical mice only if you want them for your own collection before they are no longer produced. It is unclear as to whether korean pro gamers will continue with them when Starcraft 2 comes out. As such, these may become collector's item when they become out of production.

If you're playing more modern games (*cough ahem* starcraft 2 *cough*) however, and intend to use it for that you'll probably want to get a new pc gaming mouse.

For their gaming keyboard that starcraft progamers use

The mainstay has been the DT 35. These has been referred to as the Samsung DT 35 keyboard. Once produced by Samsung, the maker has changed. The new brand is much cheaper, since the old one is starting to gain a bit of collector’s value. But in truth, any keyboard would do so long as you find it easy to get your commands across. Some people prefer input with a light touch, others a solid whack of the fingertips. It is very hard to get these kind of keyboard these days as the old ones have gone out of production. It is mainly popular only in korea, and it might require an import, or a purchase from large retailers.

For the mousepad

Most Korean progamers use a selection of plain mousepads from mapad. Usually most mousepads are about the same, depending on whether you want a bit more grip or friction or prefer smoother motion. I personally use a Razer Goliathus, but in all seriousness most mouse pads are the same. Korean ones are on one hand rather fanciful while remaining cheap.


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    • profile image

      nceuphoria 7 years ago

      The trend has already started. Half of the current SC2 progamers are using the logitech G1, while others have moved to really fancy equipment like deathadders and G9x's.

    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      It will still take a while before a trend emerges from the top tier starcraft 2 players however

    • chaladar profile image

      chaladar 7 years ago

      They have a specific starcraft ii gaming keyboard and its great! Also, If you guys are looking for some more advanced strategies feel free to checkout my starcraft 2 guides webpage at