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Cheapest 3G Cellphones from Nokia - Nokia Cellphone Reviews

Updated on August 11, 2011

Latest 3G Phones From Nokia

Inorder to satisfy the current demand of 3G cell phones ,nokia has newely introduced three 3G cell phones all together to the cellphone market.Their prices are comparactively low for an average citizen to buy.The growing competition in the field of 3G cell phones in cellphone market has forcefully made the company to introduce these cheapest 3G series.Also they are trying to keep their position high in the top shares.

  1. Nokia E52
  2. Nokia 6700
  3. Nokia 7230

are the latest 3G sets that the company has introduced in the market.
Let us just surf these phones specifications….

1. NOKIA E-52 :

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E-52 is the latest version of Nokia E series. Although the phone is fully loaded with specifications ,its outer body is not so attractive like the E-51 set.Infact it looks the same as a E-51 set,but it has more special features. As people finds it not so attractive from outside.

cheap mobile phones nokia

Special Features of NOKIA E-52

  1. It has a 2.4 inch display and 160 lakhs of spot which would give it a wider look.
  2. Those who are interested in photography can have a good shots with its 3.2 megapixel camera with flash included.
  3. its sound clarity is another special feature for this phone.
  4. E-52 also blocks the noises around the you and allows your caller to hear you clearly even in a crowd.These noises are blocked by a new generation in build noise cancelation software.This phone also provides you with a easy access to facebook and youtube ..etc.
  5. Moreover the email from different networks can also be read in a single inbox.
  6. E-52 also gives you Mp3 player,GPS web brower in a free access.
  7. E-52 contains a 60MB in build memory and supports upto 16GB memory card.
  8. It ensures 1 day full talktime and 1 month full stand-by time as specified by the Nokia in the case of E-52 series.
  9. Its cost is about 300$ in the market.

2. NOKIA 6700 SLIDE :

This 6700 slide phone doesn’t have any similarity with 6700 classic phone which is already at the market.Its a slide phone as the name derives it.

  1. It is loaded with a 5MP camera with LED flash with a click button which compraises that this phone is a camera oriented set.
  2. We can share photos and also can surf through the social sites in the internet in a more easier way.
  3. Moreover it’s a stylish phone which everyone wants their hands on it .

We can see its beauty from its LED flashings when we receive a message,consequently ,due to this much special festures Nokia have any comments over its stand by time.Yet it can give a 6 hrs continues talktime,after that you have to charge it anyway .

We can get NOKIA 6700 slide with 6 different colour bodies at the price of 275$.

3.NOKIA 7230 :

  1. The nokia 7230 works in a Simbian S-40 operating system
  2. It contains a 3.2 MP camera and 15 frames per second video recorder.In short ,we can get an excellent pictuers and videos with it .
  3. Moreover it contains a 3.3 mm audioport,in-build stereo F M ,2 GB memory cardand it can support upto 16GB memory card.

This phone can give you the new generation mobility upto some extent.Comparing the three sets discuessed here this set contains the lowest price in the market at 175$.

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Weekly Topic:Mobile phones


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