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Cheapest Android Phones In India 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012
5 Awesome Android Phones Below 10,00
5 Awesome Android Phones Below 10,00

"Personally, I would strongly recommend you to start buying Android phones. They have a host of applications that increases the functionality of the smart phone to uncomparable levels."

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Best of Cheapest Android Phones below Rs10,000

This article spotlights the best of cheapest android phones in India. All phones are priced below Rs 10,000. Now, android OS are the most popular operating system for mobiles after symbian (OS of Nokia). The Android is an open source OS which is promoted and developed by Google. The broad number of applications that can be run on an Android phone makes it so demanding and is the main factor behind making it so popular in such a short time interval. Now it even supports amazing interfaces like credit card swipers etc. Nowadays its seems to be pretty much quick to get hands on the cheapest version of the newest technology, that too from the best brands! If you are a Nokia maniac you better not look into the Android market. Because they don’t seem to support Android OS anytime soon. Moreover, Microsoft has tied up with Nokia to release Windows based smart phones as a rival to the Android. Personally, I would really recommend you to start buying Android phones they have a host of applications that increases the functionality of the smart phone uncomparable levels. Some of the cheapest android phones in India range between Rs 6k - 9k. And its so delightful to say that world class providers like Samsung, Dell, Huawei come in the list. Lets dive-in to the list and check out their phenomenal features.

android icon
android icon

Samsung Galaxy 5

This android is packed feature-rich and robust with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWIZ UI. It has a great batteries with long talk time upto 9.5 hours.

Dell XCD28

The Dell XCD28 is having the normal 2.8 screen size and every other feature. This is the first android phone launched by Dell in India. Hopes are high. Just as dell laptops, these android is hoping to become the quality-favorite for many.

Huawei Ideos U8150

Huawei have launched this android phone in India with the partnership of Aircel. It has all the good features of the other Androids. If you haven’t heard of ‘Huawei’ just google for it. They are as good as companies like Dell and Samsung. In fact they are the master suppliers of many devices like USB modem and other communication devices to most of the provides like Idea, Vodafone etc.

Samsung Galaxy 5
Android 2.1, 2.8 inch screen, 600Mhz Processor,3G Wi-Fi, GPS
Dell XCD28
2.8 inch, 600Mhz Processor,3G Wi-Fi, GPS
Huawei Ideos U8150
Android 2.2, 2.8 inch screen,528Mhz Bluetooth,3G Wi-Fi, GPS
Spice Mi-300
Android 2.1, 3.2 inch screen, Bluetooth,3G Wi-Fi, GPS
Micromax Andro
Android 2.1, 2.8 inch screen, 600Mhz Processor,3G Wi-Fi, GPS, Accelerometer, Gravity Sensor
Cheapest Android Phones Price - Feature Comparison Table

Spice Mi-300

Have a wide screen of 3.2 Inch, when you buy an Android phones its good to give importance to screen size also as you would be using a host of applications on it just like a PC.

Micromax Andro

Micromax Andro is the cheapest android phone in India so far, but its no less in features with other phones.


MTS mTag 3.1 and MTS Livewire

Are two latest cheap android smartphones launched by MTS in India for just 5000 Rs. It has all features of Android and comes with the 2.2 Froyo version of android operating system. These smart phones have a 2.4 inch touch screen and 3.2 megapixel cameras. It comes loaded with several free talk time bonuses and sms packs. At present, these are the cheapest android phones available in India.

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      Preet 6 years ago

      Its a time of Android smartphones

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      meshantha 6 years ago

      Micromax is becoming so popular.. great info here...

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      Good insight on recent phones

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      YOutindia 6 years ago

      MIcromax andro a60 is the best when it is used up in its limits it has good limits as seen by its price..