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Cheapest Place to Get a WIndows Operating System Disc

Updated on August 25, 2011

Cheapest Places to Get a WIndows Operating System Disc

With over 12 years as a Computer Repair Tech, I've been amazed to see that WIndows Operating System DIscs pretty much hold their value. Even if you have a used copy of an original WIndows disc, you can probably still get $30 dollars for it.

When shopping around for a Windows Operating System Disc, you might be able to locate a used disc. If you find one you want, inspect the back for scratches, and if there's no key code visible on a package, you can get a key code free from Microsoft by calling them, and they will have you read some tiny numbers from around the center of the disk that Microsoft will use to provide you with a key code. But don't pay for the disc unless you can first get the key code. As a repair tech for over 12 years, I bought many used discs. Sometimes you can find them on Craigslist, and you can always find them on Ebay. But as I'm about to show you today, Ebay is not always the cheapest place to get a Windows Operating System Disc.

Probably the best place I found today was BizRate. Their website is but certain versions of WIndows are cheaper elsewhere, so you'll want to do some comparison shopping

Window Operating Systems can have various prices, but as you can see here, NEXTAG has a lot of bargains when it comes to Operating Systems, which you can see for yourself by following their link:

You would think you would get the best deals at Microsoft, but as this link shows, that doesn't seem to be true. But here is a snapshot of a page where you can buy Windows from Microsoft.

Now, let's take a look at Ebay. The inventory there changes on a daily basis, but as you will see, Windows Operating Systems Discs usually go for a pretty good price:

The previous link will take you to the section where they're having auctions on various editions of Windows but all the links here are subject to change on a daily basis.

Pricegrabber had some really good deals today. I'd recommend taking a look at their site.

And by the way, nobody is paying me to promote their products. This was an independent opinion, and if anyone knows any cheaper places to get Windows Operating System discs, I'd appreciate if you'd email me and add to this collection of Websites where you can get Windows.

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