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Manage messaging in Facebook and Twitter simultaneously with TweetDeck

Updated on August 28, 2011

Managing Facebook and Twitter at the same time can be a very arduous task. To solve this issue, there is a free application that will facilitate their management simultaneously, known as TweetDeck.

The success of this application has been ruled by more than 20 million users, who have made TweetDeck the second channel most used to chat after Twitter. This application helps you organize and synchronize the feeds of Twitter and other social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn on a single profile.

TweetDeck, indeed, allows you to move, view and update the status of multiple social networks. The program divides messages into three main columns containing recent posts (All Tweets), replies (Replies) and direct messages addressed to you (Direct Messages). You can additionally create additional columns, such as groups of users and even create a column dedicated to a specific search.

TweetDeck is also excellent in helping brands, publishers and market operators through this powerful platform and tracking in real time conversations of interest.

The ability to manage simultaneously Social Networks offered by social TweetDeck, (which is also available as an application for Android and Google Chrome) has been critical to its success from a pragmatic consumer expert particularly sensitive to the integration between various social tools.

As already explained above, TweetDeck is a totally free and valuable tool that gives you the opportunity to access the Social Networks mentioned above while updating your status, managing conversations, viewing profiles of different users and sharing your image and video files.

The application in question turns out to be compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even for the iPhone.

TweetDeck is definitely a great application that will allow you to keep everything under control and virtually be present everywhere.

The application is also available for the iPad.

After the purchase of TweetDeck from Twitter, there are few open possible scenarios in the future of TweetDeck. The first hypothesis is the most optimistic: TweetDeck and Twitter will be integrated gradually creating a richer and more usable service for users. But it is also possible that the world's most popular microblogging site decides to make the service available with a fee, with the possibility of the integration of more advanced options, but only for those who choose to pay the price agreed by Twitter.

The worse prospect that can be expected, is the complete closure of the service, which would avoid Twitter any problem in the management and advertisement and would provide a consistent experience for users browsing with the official client, which excludes the control of other social networks that so far allowed instead of using TweetDeck .


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