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Preserve Cherished Memories by Putting Them On DVDs

Updated on June 17, 2012

A relatively simple way to convert VHS tapes to DVD

Once we all recorded to the VHS tape. It was great to take home movies instantly and play them on the TV. Then technology advanced and the VHS tape lost its popularity. The trouble with that is you may have accumulated many memories on the tape that you haven’t watched for years because you dismantled your VHS player to the modern DVD player. There are a few different ways to do this, but I found a converter at the electronics store that helped me out.

EZ Grabber2 is a device you can order or find in your any store that sells electronics. It is thirty dollars and well worth it for preserving your memories. Here are the steps you need to take once you have purchased the device.

Dig Out Your Old VHS player. Hopefully you still have one gathering dust somewhere. If not maybe a relative still has one around. The next step is to take a video, audio cable usually it comes with your video camera. If not any store that carries electronics will have one. It is usually black on one end is red, white, and yellow plug devices. It is the same for the other end also. Plug the video, audio cable by the colors shown into your EZ Grabber 2. Next take the yellow and white plug in only and place that in the back of your VHS machine. Place the white plug in the Audio Out hole. Place the yellow plug in Video Out hole. Once they are connected plug your USB cable (that is on the EzGrabber) and plug it into your computer that takes USB devices. It is usually located in the front of your computer.

Take the Software of EZ Grabber 2 and install it on your computer. Once you do that you will have an icon on your desktop called Honestech VHS to DVD. Double click on that and you will be ready to record. When that screen opens up go to your options button that looks like gears on your screen. This will allow you to set up how you want to record. The settings should be as follows:

The Conexant Polaris Video Capture on the line Video Device. The next line that is audio put Stereo Mix High Def. Format should say DVD, Video type is NTSC, Quality should be best, Split size should be 4.3 GB. This may sound very technical, but it isn’t that hard to do. Once you get this part set up the rest is easier.

Plug in your VCR turn in on and put your tape in. Hit the play button and you will see your movie playing on the Honestech screen. Beside the screen is a record button. Press that and your movie will start being transferred on to your computer. I found through trial and error that you shouldn’t record more than 15 minutes at a time. Breaking the movie up into smaller sections will make it easier for you to burn it on Windows Movie Maker that on your computer.

The EZ Grabber2 has an options to edit your film on the Honestech where you are placing your movie, but after reading other comments on the EZ Grabber 2 review, it is easier to do your editing on Windows Movie Maker.

Once you are through getting your movie on the computer you will see the movies on the right side of the program Honestech. You now just drag those off to your desktop.

Take the movies you had placed on your desk top and create a movie to place on your DVD using Windows Movie Maker or another movie making program.

It is amazing to see images we had forgotten or thought that we couldn’t see again. It is also important because this device can place your video into a safer format. I lost a few precious memories due to the VHS tape unraveling and breaking. When that happens the memories are lost for good. Placing your video on DVDs is so much more convenient. Once the movie is made you can burn extra copies for all that may want it. One day when it is raining, or on a day where you have some time to spare, why not try and recreate some old memories and share your creation with family and friends.


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