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Updated on May 9, 2016

China Guitar

More and more people choose to buy a guitar or bass from China because of its high quality and economic.

Let me to telll you the Chinese guitar factory clear.

Guitar Craft

Guitar paint process is divided into three steps: Under coating, coating, coated three processes.The three paint spraying process requires 16 times as much, and each will have a fix over the middle or polished.

We test every guitar (such as buzzing, sound test, workmanship) before it is shipped out in order to make sure it’s in good condition.

If you want to custom a unique gear, we are professional and experienced enough to help. Please tell us your detailed requirements, we will build it for your specially after confirming.


The guitar shipping

Usually the the guitar will be sent to clients as a gift valuing $50 to help them to save money from Custom, it is a good way.

It will be sent in a foam box to protect it during the shipping, the clients will get the guitar in good conditions from China.



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