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Chinese Smartphones.

Updated on March 3, 2016

Soooo who needs a new smartphone?

Before I composed this article, I myself bought a new Chinese phone. I bought a Ulefone Be Touch 3. At first I liked the phone, it's a quad core and has a 13mp Sony camera. It has 3GB ram and 16GB internal memory. I used it as a daily phone and at first it was great, looks like the Iphone 6 and never gets stuck or freezes but after like 6 months or so it had it's first 1 meter fall and boom the screen cracked into 100 pieces. Well this may tell us some drawbacks about a Chinese phone.

  1. Although they say its Corning Gorilla Glass, its not. Corning my ass. They put a Samsung or an Apple in a microwave and the screen remains perfect and the Ulefone I possessed broke after its very first 1 meter fall.
  2. It says its a Sony Camera, well I hope it's not or if it is Sony are going down the slope.
  3. When people ask me what kind of phone is that, I always replied it's a Ulefone. A what? Well strictly speaking its an imitation of the Iphone 6 so yeah its not a Ulefone, it's an imitation of the Iphone.

Lets see some other Chinese phones.

  1. Xiaomi - Xiaomi is one of the most exciting Android OEMs in the industry—despite the fact that you can't buy the company's phones in the US or Europe. It has redefined the term "bang for your buck" for smartphones, offering low-cost, unlocked devices with great specs and build quality.
  2. BluBoo - This brand has two phones till now but it's innovative features and cheap price may pave way for new phones. Both the phones are below 100 euros and both have fingerprint and all the features that 500 euro phones have. BluBoo may just paved way to fame.
  3. Lenovo - This brand has smartphones and even Laptops and Pc accessories. This is one of the first Chinese Brands to Land and make it's mark in Europe with loads of outlets trusting this brand, Lenovo has made a name for itself with it's quality and assurance of the products it has produced. Thanks to Lenovo Europe started to trust these Chinese brands and newly formed companies such as Huawei made heart and moved to Europe to give us more great consumer electronics
  4. Huawei - This leading brand is getting bigger as we speak. It has taken over Sony in 2012 thus making it one of the biggest company in this industry. Having cell phones and internet technology widespread in the world, my country Malta has also invested in this company to take over the Maltese internet.

Thats all for today check my blog and share my post. Cheers and thanks.


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