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Choose the Right Pull Down Projector Screen

Updated on May 25, 2011

If you are planning to install a screen in your home, classroom or office meeting room then it is advised not to hang a fixed screen. In this situation it is recommended to install a pull down projector screen. It allows fixing the screen only when it is needed without having to install a permanent one.

Installing a home movie system has become much more popular of late as the machinery involves becomes more affordable. Being able to show movies on a big screen in the home is something that many people enjoy, and yet there is much choice in projectors and screens.

A pull down projector screen is something that offers the convenience of affordability and ease of installation along with the ability to be sent out of sight when not in use, and as a result these very versatile items are among the most popular of their kind.

The pull down projector screen also allows portability and for this only it is very easy to move the pull down projector screen from one room to another.

Types of Screen

You can also get the pull down projector screen in the full screen format which is required for the slideshows and there is also wide screen format that is required for the video or film projection. There are varieties of screen sizes and you can get from 80 inches to 117 inches diagonally.

The manual screens are of matte white material. There are four types- fixed, manual, motorized and portable. You also have to determine the color of the screen. It is better to select the white and gray color of screen. The gray screens have a more ambient light.

What about the fabric?

You have to choose the fabric of the screen. Gain is the brightness of the screen and the types of fabrics are:

  • Glass Beaded: This fabric is of high brightness and gain of about 2.9, high contrast and bright resolution. The screen surface of this fabric is flat. They are fire proof.
  • Pearlux Fabric: They are of high brightness and the gain is of more than2.9. They are of high contrast and resolution. They are odor -free.
  • Grey Glass Beaded: They are very bright and have a gain of more than 2.8. They are of high contrast and resolution.
  • Matt White: They have a scattering angle of more than 160 degrees and are of high brightness quality.

Are they expensive?

Pull down projector screens are just about the most affordable of all types of permanent fitted screen, offering excellent value for money and great quality.

The price you pay will depend entirely upon the model that you choose to buy but you can find screens of this type for as little as $50 to as much as a few hundred dollars.

The bigger the screen the more you are likely to pay, given that the size of the screen is something you pay for, and you should check your desired location to see if it is appropriate for the screen.

Are they easy to fit?

Pull down projector screens are very easy to fit and can be put up by anyone competent in DIY. Most models come with all the fittings needed to erect them and make the fully operational and once installed they are very easy to use.

Being manual there is no need for complex electrical fitments – it’s a little like hanging a picture. First select the place where you want to fix the pull down projector screen. It is ideal to hang the screen from the ceiling.

Where can I buy one?

When you have decided to get a pull down projector screen then at first you must visit different site to get a wide detail about the projector screen. The best place to shop for screens like this is on the internet as here you will find a comprehensive selection of models from many different makers.

With such a great deal of choice to go on you can use online sites to compare specifications and prices – as well as availability – all from the comfort of your own home. This is a convenient and simple way of shopping that many more people are taking advantage of.

If you are busy and is not possible for you to visit different shops then buying the pull down projector screen through internet is the best way.

If you want to have a viable and affordable home movie system in your home it may be that the Pull Down Projector Screen is the best option.

Cheap to buy and easy to use, it is very convenient in that it folds away when not in use and yet offers excellent quality viewing for all the family.


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