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Choosing Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Updated on June 27, 2010

When wireless technology became available in an affordable way for home theater systems, it revolutionized how speakers can be placed. This technology also enabled speakers to be located way outdoors without running hundreds of feet of speaker cables all over the ground, waiting to trip someone over. In the past, if you want music outdoors, near the pools or in the garden, you have to be contend with just your mp3 players or ipods. All that have changed.

There are 2 types of wireless speakers depending on how the signals are sent to the speakers. One is using short range radio signals, RF or infrared, IR signals. Infrared, being a spectrum of light must travel in line of sight. They can be accidentally blocked and are usually used for shorter distance. RF on the other hand can work with objects in the way but this will usually reduce the distance the signal can travel and hence the distance you can place your wireless outdoor speakers.

What are the disadvantages of wireless speakers?

While wireless speaker technology seem like a god send, they can be quirky. This has nothing to do with the speakers systems themselves, which include a wireless transmitter and receiver module. The reason they can be quirky is nowadays due to a plethora of wireless devices around the home. Things like wireless telephones, wireless internet, wireless security, wireless garage door openers and wireless keyboards all can interfere with your wireless speakers.

I say can because it depends. Some of these devices might not interfere with your wireless speakers. It depends on the frequency as well as where they are located in relation to the wireless speaker's transmitter and receiver. All this might make it sound like it is not worth while to consider wireless outdoor speakers. Not necessarily so. However, I would say this. If your distance from your sound source to the speakers is not that great, then wired outdoor stereo speakers will be easier to set up. Once your distance is more than 50ft and above, imagine at least 2 or more speakers, then I think it is worth while to consider a wireless speaker system. You won't have people tripping over speaker cables or someone kicking on the cables and damaging the connectors to your expensive amplifier.

Now that you have a a balanced view of things, the other point to note with good quality audio equipment is that you get what you pay for. Remember any wireless outdoor speakers is made with 4 components:-

  • driver units i.e. the transducer
  • built in amplifier
  • transmitter and receiver unit
  • speaker box

All these components have to be well designed and work together for the speakers to give out high quality sound. However, there are wide range of wireless outdoor speakers to suit every budget and situation.

One of the better quality wireless outdoor speakers I have found is the Outcast Outdoor Wireless speakers . It is well built, the wireless function well with little to no interference due to an advance frequency switching. The power from the speakers is ample with 100W output and last up to 10 hrs on battery. The downside however, is the price which is rather high.

The other wireless speakers worth taking a look are listed below.


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