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Choosing a Domain Name - Avoid These Mistakes

Updated on December 15, 2014

Internet has gained importance in almost every industry - from education to business. It helps businesses to enhance in order to get a firm grip in competitive market. Today, online presence has become a compulsion for the retail businesses as use of internet is growing among people. Internet has made it easy for us to meet the daily requirements by simply searching anything online - from getting an appointment with the doctor to buying a dress online. So, the businesses need to build-up their websites to get the attention of people.

But having an online presence doesn't mean simply creating a website and waiting for the customers to visit. You need to represent the business with attractive website design and content that will bring the traffic. Apart from these two essentials, having a good domain name also plays a significant role. Selection of a domain name is a very difficult task as there are too many domain name generators available online. After searching for a while, you may get discouraged and end up with nothing. If you select a random name, it may prove to be a big mistake for you, in case it doesn't rank on the search engine.

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid while choosing a domain name for your business -

  • Lengthy Domain Names - Avoid choosing a lengthy domain name. Lengthy names are always difficult to remember and require more time to type. People find small names easy to type and also grasp them in no time. There are some micro niche bloggers opting for lengthy domain names for ranking on Google. But since the Google's algorithm has changed, it's taking hold of these micro niche bloggers.
  • Concentrating on (dot) com Domains - As .com domain name extension is considered to be iconic, most of businesses opt for it. But finding a unique name with .com extension can be a tough task due to the shrinking pool. Other domain extensions like .org, .us, .uk, .edu, etc. can alternately be looked for building a brand or a business website. These domain extensions also represent the particular field of business like .org as non-profit organization, .edu as education, .uk as the United Kingdom, etc. It means you need to be open to other domain name extensions and then choose the one that is appropriate. Not to mention the new tld extension introduced recently.
  • Choosing a Domain Name that Doesn't Match the Business Branding - Your domain name must be relevant to your product or business and should make sense to the visitors. While searching for any business, people are going to type the brand name or product name they want to buy or the service they need. If the domain name doesn't represent your service name or product name, there won't be good amount of traffic attending your website.
  • Using Hardly Spelled Words - Not everyone is as expert in memorizing complicated spellings correctly as you. If you choose a hardly spelled domain name, many of them would end-up searching with misspellings and visit to some other website. So, select some easy words that would be spelled correctly and that can be searched with less efforts.
  • Sounds Like Some Other Business - It's really a worse thing when your phone starts ringing immediately after launching the website only to check whether your business is similar to other one. For example, if you are planning to start a tech website then don't choose Techbrunch or Techmunch as it sounds similar to Techcrunch. People will visit Techcrunch instead of Techbrunch or Techmunch. Choose a domain name that is different from the other business with same product.
  • Using Hyphens and Numbers - For the domain name to stand inimitable, entrepreneurs use hyphens or numbers. But how many of us like to hit shift key to put hyphens and who can sharply memorize numbers? Very few, right. So instead of selecting a domain name with hyphen or numerical values, try finding something that is easy to type and remember.

Lastly, what is important is the future of business that depends on the domain name too. It's a brainstorming task for you to find a perfect domain name that will help to recognize your business, but remember what's unique is always preferred first. To err is human, but those small errors can only hit your business badly and let it down. With the trending businesses, it's a difficult to stand distinctive in the competitive market. But just avoiding some silly mistakes will surely help choose an exclusive domain name for your business.


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    • Jolzyx profile image


      3 years ago from Republic of Ireland

      Well written article and very useful.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      3 years ago from West By God

      Thank s for this post and will share it with others.


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