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Choosing the Right Domain Hosting Service

Updated on May 1, 2010

While the net is virtually flooded with domain or website hosting companies, picking the right web host can be a daunting task with so many factors to consider. Adding to this confusion are the different services offered by various web hosting companies, leaving you completely overwhelmed.

But if you do some spade work before selecting a domain host, you will reap its benefits for a very long time as hosting a site is a long term investment and it’s not easy to switch between web hosts every now and then. Here lies the importance of getting it right the first time.

Choosing the right web host is critical
Choosing the right web host is critical

What is the uptime guaranteed by the domain host?

This is an important benchmark for judging the quality of the hosting service provider. Ensure that you get at least 99% uptime. If you thought 99% uptime was impractical, realize that even the 1% time your site is down turns into 3.6 or 4 days every year. Now calculate the visitors or revenue you lose if your site is down for 4 days and suddenly 99% doesn’t seem much. Does it?

Another aspect is the guarantee. Read the fine print to know how you will be compensated in case your site is down for more than the maximum duration. Do you get a refund, some free value added services, free hosting or something else?


Know your bandwidth requirements

Many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth or data transfer in a month. Here’s the reality: There’s nothing called unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is a limited and precious resource, which has to be bought by the web host also, so how can you get unlimited bandwidth?  In fact buyers who don’t bother to read the fine print may suddenly find a message stating they have reached the free bandwidth allocated and will need to cough up a monthly fee for their bandwidth.

So avoid those domain hosts who promise the moon only to deliver a rough landing.  If you’re planning to have a non-graphic intensive web site with only a sprinkling of visuals then one GB bandwidth every month will suffice. Don’t purchase bandwidth you don’t need, if your traffic and data transfer needs increase in the future, you can opt for the higher bandwidth package.


Linux or Windows hosting?

Either of them should do fine. Remember, to operate a Linux-based website you don’t need to have a Linux OS rather it simply means your domain will be hosted on a server running on Linux, but you have access to all the webmaster features from your windows-based PC.


Wordpress hosting options

If you want a no frills Wordpress blog that doesn’t require any complex programming skills, then you should enquire whether the website hosting service allows WP blogging platform or not. Many domain hosting providers do even if they haven’t mentioned it in their web hosting plan. So it’s best to ask the service provider about WP hosting.


Check out the discounts

 Many web hosts offer free domain registration if you opt for a particular hosting plan or they might register your domain for free for any hosting plan that you select. Even if no free web registration is offered, at least some discounts will be up for grabs. Many web hosts offer free domain registration for the first year or offer domains with .info extension for free. Do look out for such offers before you sign up.

Get expert domain hosting advice

If you need expert advice for hosting your domain, don't hesitate to seek some. After all, you might as well invest in seeking expert opinion to help you select the best hosting provider and plan for your need and budget. 

Which domain host do you prefer and why?

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    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      You are welcome James.

    • profile image

      James C 7 years ago

      Finding the right domain host requires such in-depth research. I never knew this. Thanks!

    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      Glad you found the Hub useful Save my sys. I have written it after scouting for a good web host for some time.

    • profile image

       7 years ago


      Nice to know you are self-hosting your sites. Very few people are that lucky. Personally, I like ICDSoft. Simple, no-frills hosting with very good uptime.

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Good hub, I found really very well explanation about some key factors about the web hosting. Thanks for sharing books and CD information too.

    • mochileiro profile image

      mochileiro 7 years ago from Brazil

      Some good tips in this hub.

      Regarding the final question: I do prefer my own company. I'm a proud owner of a small host company in Brazil. It's not my primary business, but as I spent so much money to create a optimized structure for my sites I decided offer it to some clients. I use to say that my clients don´t choose me, I choose them. That's because each website needs specifics host plans but also needs be the most optimized as possible, and if the site owner don't let my team optimize the site there's no business.

      To my english websites I use DreamHost and MediaTemple. I'm satisfied with both. Not so much with DH, but as my websites there aren't so important it's ok.