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Choosing the best business handsets – a quick guide.

Updated on February 23, 2016

A crucial element to any business success is your telephone system. Regardless of what services your office offers, and regardless of the number of employees within the business, a reliable network of telephones which allows you to effortlessly make lengthy outbound calls or pick up to answer customer enquiries is essential. As well as the system itself, you also need to consider which type of handset would work best for you and your employees.

Choosing the best business handset need not be a difficult job, you simply need to look at the dynamics of your office and decipher which handset would make for better staff productivity. In this article we are going to have a brief look at some of the most popular handsets and how they could work in the office environment.

Firstly, the fixed line handset is probably the one you are most familiar with; simply plug your telephone unit into the walled telephone point using the supplied connection cable, and you're ready to make and receive calls. While this traditional handset is the most universally used telephone, it does come with it's restrictions. It means that a staff member has very limited movement around the office and could lead to frustrations on both sides. This handset also limits the use of hands, leaving only one hand free to tap on the keyboard.

Cordless telephones placed around the office do offer a little more freedom of movement for the staff member, they can take carry the caller to a colleague, another desk, or to check paper files in the store room rather than using the hold and pick up system.

A technological step up from the more traditional handsets lies within a Touch Screen IP telephones and systems. Bringing the best in telephone technology, this handset delivers a multitude of features to benefit the user. Offering apps for contacts and contact sharing, video, and calendars, and instant messaging this business telephone handset increases productivity in the workplace and is simple to use. Connecting to a conference call can sometimes be a bit of a bind with the older type of telephone handset however, the touch screen IP system makes conference calls so much easier and so much more convenient.

Also known as the VoIP telephone system, (Voice over IP) users can benefit from reduced costs when making calls as these types of business handsets transmit over your existing Internet system and can be moved to the cloud which is maintenance free and eliminates a lot of telephone issues that arise with the more traditional services.

Moving away from the static units that sit in the same position on your desk day after day may be the norm for most offices however, more and more businesses are moving toward a better handset system which brings forth an increased wealth of productivity in the workplace. So, if you're starting out or are looking to improve your existing communications system, make considerations as to what may help your staff become more productive during their working day.


Traditional business telephone system
Traditional business telephone system

Business Telephone Systems Video


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