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Top 6 mp3 players out there

Updated on January 8, 2010

So you have decide to upgrade from your Cd player or your Tape player ( who has a cassette player now adays anyway?) But you don't understand all of these things about them. Do I need 8 gigs 4 gigs or 32gigs? Do i want a Video mp3 player or do i want one that can listen to the radio or record my voice? Well here I will tell you (imo) the best mp3 players out there for a good price :D

So How much music do you want to keep on your Mp3 player? On average a Mp3 song is about 4mb in size(depends on the compression rate and length of song) so look at the Chart bellow to see what category your fall into

4gb= About 1000 songs

8Gb= About 2000 songs

16gb about 4000 songs

32gb about 8000 songs

60gb about 15000 songs

If your looking at a mp3 with a size that isn't listed above just go into calculator and do the math :D 1024mb is ruffly a GB and each song is about 4mbs :D

Ok what about videos on my player? I think mp3 players that can play videos are a waste attest the ones under 150 dollars The screens are big enough for my liking but I have found one that is a nice video player to and it will be in the link bellow for you to see(its a bit prices imo but I liked it and I think it was worth it)

Ok so which one should I get twist? Apple, Sony, Rivera etc here I will list my top 6 mp3 players that I think are really good for the price in a list

6: Sony Walkman 16 GB Video MP3 Player. This one has Great sound good overall features and its a 16gb for around 100 bucks. And it plays videos :D It also has a fm tuner in it and it has built in stereo speakers(imo they sound ok but i would use headphones :D) and it has a voice recorder on it so you can tell record your grocery list and go the grocery store with confidence this time and not forget the milk(haven't we all forgot milk or bread attest one time?) It also has a Decent battery life :D The Sony can also view Pictures too :D

5:Creative Zen MX 8 GB Video MP3 Player This is a very nice 8gb Mp3 player! Its stylish and Has a great battery life. The sound on this one outdoes the Sony IMO and its is easier to use and navigate trust me you cant go wrong with this mp3 player for about 90 bucks view videos listen to your music or listen to the radio with this snazzy mp3 player

4: Visual Land V-Touch 8 GB Video MP3 Player I have read some bad reviews on this one but personally speaking none of them have come true for me :D You cant go wrong with this lil device for 70 dollars Way less then the ipod touch. It is amazing for the price :D Touch Screen, MP3 player, Video Player, Will display lyrics, (if you have the file for it)It has a 2MP Camera on it, Recording Videos, Fm Tunner,Voice Recorder, Built in Speaker, Picture Viewer, O and did i mention TOUCH SCREEN? lol you really cant go wrong with this guy for the price

3:Ipod Nano 5th Gen! This lil device is one of the nicest ones on the market Video recorder (quality not that good but hey its MP3 player) Great sound loads of features.Small Able to fit in your pocket or on a arm band for when your jogging This is a nice MP3 player 5 stars to this one

2. Ipod Touch remember the Visual Land V-Touch i mention earlier? Imagine that but on steroids The ipod Touch is one the most amazing Mp3 players out there right now imo Touch screen features, able to get apps (like directions if you ever get as lost as i do :D) Wifi, Able to get on the Internet, Movies in widescreen, View and send photos, The list goes on. If you want touch screen featured that are amped up on roids this is the one for you :D

1. Would have to be the IPOD Classic it the mp3 player that revolutionized the market of mp3 players you defiantly can go wrong with this one. Amazing Battery Life, Play games, Watch movies and tvshows purchased from itunes,View photos, 32 hour Battery LIFE! This lil piece of equipment is like when the cd player replaced the cassette tape :D I would definitely suggest you get this guy
Well there is my list of the top 6 mp3 players It was hard to chose the order but each one is unique in its on way Hope you like this hub. Comment bellow and become part of my fan club if you would want to :D Have a great day


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    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 7 years ago from Oregon

      Wonderful reviews on mp3 players. I just bought my daughter a colby...and don't know nothing about it lol.