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Who is Chris Putnam?

Updated on May 29, 2011

Chris Putnam Emoticon

chris putnam
chris putnam

Who is the Face behind Putnam Emoticon on Facebook?

For even just once in your entire usage of the Facebook chat application, have you ever seen anyone of your friends display a face of a certain dude facing upward to the right? Whenever you see that face, you would always have to be intrigued just about who that guy is? And how important is he that he gets to be the only person whose face is used as an facebook emoticons? If you’d ask your friends on how they could do that, they might just simply tell you that it’s done by typing, :putnam: and that curious comes out of the chatbox. But then again, the main question yet remains: Just who in the world is that Putnam guy anyway?

If you’d look back up there on the title, you’d know that the first name of the Putnam guy that we’re talking about is Chris Putnam. And again, just who is that Chris Putnam? The answer is short, and it is the only thing that you are mostly likely to find out about him on the internet: He is the engineer of Facebook. That’s it. Almost all of the data you can find all over the web would be just as dull as that – Chris Putnam, the guy who became instantly famous, or infamous, after including his face on the list of Facebook emoticons and smileys, is the engineer of Facebook – nothing more, nothing less.

Isn’t it a bit blank of a moment if you’ve just searched that guy’s name to know that? So to help you satisfy at least a bit more – just a little bit more – of your curiosity: There have been some stories telling that it wasn’t him who put that in the first place; they said it was his friends. In the end, the Putnam emoticon, is just, well, the Putnam emoticon and you may use to your own accord. Here is his real picture taken from his facebook blog

Chris Putnam - Facebook Engineer


Chris Putnam showing facebook's HD video feature

In this video Chris Putnam, software engineer at Facebook who runs the video team, talks about its new HD video feature. He also tells  how he got his job at Facebook, which is quite interesting because it wasn't with a traditional interview.


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