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Funny Christmas Quotes And Christmas Status Updates

Updated on December 11, 2017
stricktlydating profile image

Hubpages writer StricktlyDating is an Australian writer creating pages of original funny quotes, funny status updates and funny memes.

A page of funny Christmas quotes, Christmas status updates and memes to use on your Facebook and Twitter timeline over the festive season.

Christmas Quotes And Statuses:

  • They say, when you stop believing in Santa you start receiving underwear, and I don't mind that because I'm really in need of new underwear this Christmas!
  • I don't want much for Christmas... I Just want the people reading this to be healthy, happy and loved.
  • It's beginning to cost a lot like Christmas.
  • Deck the halls with booze and lollies, fa la la la la, la la la la.
  • Come and be silly with me this season!
  • It's beginning to look a lot like... Cocktails!
  • I'm beginning to shop a lot like Christmas.
  • Christmas, the only time of the year I will happily accept gifts given to me in an old sock.
  • Christmas is the only time I will sit around a dead tree and celebrate.
  • Santa saw your profile, now you're getting a cup of man up for Christmas.
  • Santa saw your profile and thinks you've been very naughty this year.
  • Time to decorate the tree, dress it up splendidly.
  • One drink for every ball on the tree is not a good idea. I learned that today.
  • Oh wow! Santa has the same wrapping paper as mommy!
  • I hope you enjoy your gifts because now I'm broke, and I can't go anywhere this Christmas and possibly not anywhere until next Christmas...
  • That awesome moment when you're cutting Christmas paper and the scissors start to glide.
  • This Christmas I hope you get merry and have a Happy New Year.
  • Santa saw your Facebook profile. Now you're getting clothes and a dictionary for Christmas :)
  • I'll be your sun dear, I'll be your reindeer! Merry Christmas.
  • Please Santa, I've been good all year... Most of the time... Sometimes... Ok, Don't worry I'll buy my own Christmas presents.
  • You've made my dreams come true, baby all I want for Christmas is you!
  • It's Christmas, come get merry with me!
  • I have nothing else to wish for - I already have you! Merry Christmas.
  • Dear Santa, I want it all!
  • I'm trying to get into the Christmas spiri but I can't open the bottle!
  • Baby, all I want for Christmas is shoes!
  • Keep calm and sparkle this season!
  • Keep calm and put on your Santa Suit.
  • Keep calm and say "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
  • Keep calm come celebrate Christmas with me!
  • Keep calm and be merry.
  • Keep calm and sing a Christmas Carol.
  • Keep calm it's almost Christmas.
  • Kiss me! It's Christmas!
  • Keep calm and yell "Fa la la la la, la la la la!"
  • Wishing you a Tweet Christmas.
  • May all your dreams come true this Christmas and all year through.
  • Here's some mistletoe - Now pucker up and kiss me!
  • Every day is Christmas because I have you!
  • Santa won't be coming this year... He died laughing when you said you'd been a good girl.
  • Santa, just leave me a list of the names of all the naughty girls.
  • Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my own Island so I don't have to deal with any stupid people.
  • I believe Santa is so jolly because of all the beer we leave out for him.
  • I'm not drunk, I'm in a merry Christmas state of mind.
  • Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer.
  • Tis the silly season, come celebrate with me!
  • Spending Christmas with you is all my dreams come true.
  • When you have Christmas in your heart it doesn't matter what's under the tree.
  • You would look very good wrapped up under my Christmas tree.
  • Not expecting much this Christmas. I've been quite naughty.
  • I'm expecting a truck load this Christmas. I've been very, very good!
  • Oh come let me adore you, oh come let me adore you...
  • Tongue Twister: I put sparkly fabric on Simon's Santa Suit.
  • Tongue Twister: Santa stuffed my silk stocking with short sparkly socks.
  • I saw your Facebook photos and I'm sending you to rehab... Merry Christmas!
  • If you're good you can be on Santa's list, if you're naughty you can be on my Friend list.
  • Copyright StricktlyDating 2014

  • Not a creature was stirring except for the parents tip toeing around the house in the dark to hide the presents under the tree without waking the kids.
  • I love receiving gifts and eating cake with custard, singing carols and decorating the tree. But seriously the best part about Christmas is having a few days off to relax with my family.
  • Dear Santa, I was good at being naughty, does that count for anything?
  • Christmas comes but once a year. Thank goodness otherwise I'd always be broke.
  • Waiting, waiting, waiting, for Christmas to come and bring me cheer, or beer, or something to make me feel better!
  • Will someone explain what it means to deck the halls?
  • Forget wishing me a Merry Christmas, just come around and jingle my bells!
  • Roses are red so is Santa's suit, have I told you that I think you're cute?
  • Tis the season to be jolly. Get out your purse and grab your shopping trolley...
  • I'm putting mistletoe in my back pocket so everyone can kiss my backside!
  • That disappointing moment when you realise Santa has the same wrapping paper and handwriting as your parents.
  • I hope Santa leaves me a skinny body and a fat wallet, not the other way around like it was last year.
  • Christmas is my favourite time of the year because I can blame my ongoing weight issues on over-eating during the holidays...
  • Hey baby, do you want some special Christmas gifts ;)
  • Why is Santa always jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls are.
  • It's Christmas time AND I AM ON THE INTERNET.
  • It's time to get merry and celebrate the season.
  • I miss all the presents I used to get when I believed in Santa.
  • Only those who work in retail know the real meaning of Christmas.
  • I filed my nails sharp and rolled around on the beach... I'm now Sandy Claws.
  • Glory. Love. Peace. Come on! We all just want presents!
  • Singing loud for all to hear, so that I spread my Christmas cheer!
  • Be naughty (Save Santa the trip).
  • Any time I'm given presants is a wonderful time of year! Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas is a magical time of year... I just watched all my money magically disappear.
  • Drinking spirits... In the spirit of Christmas!
  • I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... And when the white is finnished I'll start on the red.
  • I love Christmas because I can shop, and shop and shop as much as I like without feeling guilty for it.
  • All I want for Christmas is enough alcohol to get me through Christmas.
  • Yeah I was naughty this year, but it was SO worth it! Happy Christmas!

Author: SticktlyDating - Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!

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Creepy Santa meme.
Creepy Santa meme.


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    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 3 years ago from Australia

      Thanks John :)

    • profile image

      Johnf55 3 years ago

      Wow! This could be one particular of the most useful blogs We've ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I'm also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work. dgdakabdgggd

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 4 years ago from Australia

      Thanks DDE and Christmas is coming up so fast! Where has the year gone!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Cute Funny Christmas Status Updates And Quotes so useful and hilarious well done all your interesting quotes.

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      A very nice collection of quotes about Christmas :-) Humor is always good...whatever the season!

    • John MacNab profile image

      John MacNab 5 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

      Even with mistletoe in my back pocket nobody would kiss my butt. Funny hub strictlydating.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 5 years ago from Australia

      Merry Christmas pstraubie48 and thankyou for your comment :)

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Too cute favorite is the one that says...forget it, I'll buy my own Christmas it. I am passing these on to my friends...Sending you some Angels :) ps

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for your comments Lady e and Nanderson500! And wishing you both a wonderful Christmas :)

    • nanderson500 profile image

      nanderson500 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Great quotes, especially the ones about alcohol! Voted up and funny.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Beautiful I really enjoyed it. I'll probably be singing "Oh come let me adore" you in Church Xmas Carols, but let's hope the Microphone is not close by. :-)

      Merry Xmas too.