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Cisco IP Communicator - Can not Hear Other Party Voice.

Updated on September 11, 2012

If you are using cisco communicator via VPN or LAN, then suddenly you can not hear other party voice. You have tried to check audio tuning wizard, preferences, etc. but still not work?

Even after you try to close the program by clicking the cross button.

Please follow steps below carefully to resolved the problem:

You have 2 choices:

1. Is to restart your PC, reconnect you VPN and start cisco IP communicator again, but this is likely the most hated solution J

2. To restart cisco voice communicator properly, yes properly because by clicking the X button (close) will not make this program to close and exit, it still running.

Check whether it still active by expanding your taskbar on the lower right corner of your desktop. You will see little icon of IP communicator (means it still active). Right click the icon and choose exit. By doing so you are completely exit from this program

Restart your Cisco IP communication program (no need to restart laptop) and you will hear your friend voice when make a call. The reason behind this problem was somehow your connection was disconnected while the program running, and this will disrupt link to your cisco call manager server.

OK have a nice phone call with Cisco softphone.


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