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Clean Up The Wordpress Replytocom Mess Issue !

Updated on February 25, 2014

Did You know About this Issue ?

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Well , if you are new to Blogging and are using WordPress as CMS for your Blog then here is a Cool Tip for you guys from SEO point of view which will help you saving your Blog from getting any sort of penalization related to the topic I am gonna discuss with you about replytocom .

Though this is just a Tip for the start ups which has to be followed by any mean , the topic has already been a headache for many Bloggers who have established themselves compared to the new Bloggers .

Replytocom links issue is a serious problem which eventually bring steep fall in rankings after the particular Blog starts getting decent traffic . Well, I will tell you reason why there exists a steep fall in rankings for most of the Blogs after they become popular . But before that , let me tell you something about the replytocom parameter here .

What is Actually ReplyToCom ?

ReplyToCom is actually a parameter which is appended in your post permalink for the comments you have on your Blog . So , lets say , if my post url is : , then it may become . You might feel really very happy to see that Google has indexed lot of your Blog's pages initially because majority url which are indexed contains replytocom parameter.

And if you are new Blogger , then you must also be thinking that if Google is indexing large no. of pages of a Blog , then it gives lot of Search results for your Particular Blog then Why i am representing it as an serious issue .

Replytocom parameter when gets added to the post url after a comment , it let Google Bot thinks as a new page and so the new url . So what usually Google Bot do is , it starts indexing this replytocom url too .

Result :

The outcome of such indexing by the Google Bots is that Google then start thinking that Your Blog is filled completely with Duplicate Content even though you may have 100% genuine and unique content .

The issue of Duplicacy comes in picture because now Google gets two links for the same content , one being normal and other having replytocom parameter . Moreover , Google Bots also gets confused about ranking your pages in the SERPs as to which link should get high priority (Direct link or the link containing Replytocom) .

Ultimately , Google penalizes You for the mistake which you have not done of having Duplicate content that too just because of replytocom parameter .

How To Fix Replytocom Issue ?

Before letting you know the steps about how to cop up with this problem , let me tell you Why there is always a steep fall in traffic for the Blog once it starts ranking . The main reason is this replytocom (You might have judged it too , topic was the same from beginning . eh ! Whats new ? :P) . Actually , when people starts getting decent amount of traffic , the tendency of a Blog to have comments on posts increases .

People then start commenting on the Blog , and for every comment , a new url is generated for that particular post which Google think as a duplicate content since lot of url from your own domain are now pointing to the same content . So now You know the disadvantage of having this parameter , lets work out to remove this issue .

The Following Steps Should help you Remove Replytocom parameter :

  • Login to your Google Webmaster Tool and then Go to Site configuration> Settings > URL parameters .
  • If you are new to it , then add your website there and verify it . Then proceed further to the next steps .
  • Search for replytocom parameter and if it is not there then add it .
  • Click on edit button adjacent to it and do the same as that has been done in screenshot .

This ends up with the tutorial part of fixing the replytocom issue . Do check if you also face replytocom parameter duplicate issue and comment here for any help .


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