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Clear Connections Phone Card Review

Updated on July 5, 2011
Clear Connections phone card is available in $20 denominations.
Clear Connections phone card is available in $20 denominations.

I've used a lot of different phone cards for business and to keep in touch with friends that I've made over the years when I travel for work.

One of the phone cards I have been using more often now is called "Clear Connections" offered by the phone card company Speedy Pin. They're one of the phone card companies that I feel safe recommending to people who ask me questions about which phone card company they should use.

I recommend Speedy Pin because they're the only company that offers a 100% guarantee on all of their phone cards. And I really mean the only one. So it really says a lot when a company backs their products unconditionally. Here's a quote taken from their website regarding their guarantee policy;

"If a carrier is unable to provide a satisfactory remedy, customers must contact SpeedyPin within 30 days of the original purchase date to begin an inquiry. We will intervene on your behalf with the carrier to have a phone card or lost minutes promptly replaced, or we will provide you with additional minutes to make up for a defect unresolved by the carrier."

As you can see I have no problems at all recommending Speedy Pin. You can watch a short video review below and even see me log into my account and check out how many times I've purchased from them.

Speedy Pin Website
Speedy Pin Website

Clear Connection Phone Card Rates

The best thing about Clear Connections phone card is there are absolutely no fees, which is mostly why I recommend this card. Most of you know how much I hate phone cards with fees. Another reason why I recommend Clear Connections phone card is because the call per minute rates are very low.

Here's a small list of call per minute rates for calling the most popular countries:

  • China - 1.5¢/minute
  • Dominican Republic - 3.8¢/minute
  • France -1.3¢/minute
  • Germany - 1.9¢/minute
  • Most cities in India - 3.8¢/minute
  • Italy - 1.2¢/minute
  • Mexico City - 1.4¢/minute
  • Philippines - 13.8¢/minute
  • United Kingdom - 1¢/minute

These are some very good rates especially when there are no fees.

Speedy Pin Video Review

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