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ClearPlay - Filter Movies and DVDs Easily and Instantly

Updated on February 15, 2010

Achieve "Cool Parent" Status

Are you tired of renting a DVD you've heard from a friend that was "really good" only to find out that it's chalked full of profanity, nudity, violence, or other inappropriate content?  There are so many good movies available today to watch as families, but some of the content is not suitable for young children or teenagers. If you're looking for a great way to make sure that nothing inappropriate is displayed for children when watching a movie, a clearplay DVD player is a great option to filter out everything you don't want to see or listen to.

A ClearPlay Family

Clear Play DVD Player
Clear Play DVD Player

What ClearPlay Removes

ClearPlay DVD players can remove carefully selected scenes or audio depending on your input. They have 12 different categories of filters that can be removed. This means that if you put in a movie which is rated "R", ClearPlay DVD players can instantly remove scenes and language so that the rating changes to "PG" without loosing the plot line of the movie or any very important parts. Movie technicians hand craft each scene removal or dialog silencing to make sure you get the best possible movie experience.


ClearPlay DVD players are very affordable and support up to 1080p up-scaling so there's no loss of quality when you're watching your favorite movies as a family. There is a small monthly subscription fee in order to receive the latest filters for new releases. In fact, when a movie is release, the filter is made available the same day in most cases.

Where can I get one?

ClearPlay DVD players are manufactured by ClearPlay. Their DVD players can be purchased online at many retailers.

ClearPlay - $89.95

Is it Legal?

ClearPlay uses filter technology with its DVD players so that when you watch your movie, the DVD player is the device that is actually doing the filtering. The DVD remains untouched and unmodified which is why it is legal.


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