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Cloud-Based Technology—Oh, The Places You Can Go!

Updated on July 11, 2014

Years ago, if you needed to collect thousands of genetically-based triggers contributing to childhood autism, as it applied to a pool of 900 children in two dozen states, that task would have been a ridiculously daunting endeavor involving linking up with a major research institute! As technology continues to advance at break-neck speeds, what would have been overwhelming or incredibly challenging years ago is considered an every-day occurrence today. That autism data project just mentioned—today, that assignment can be carried out with cloud computing involving 15-20 individuals, some laptops and an Internet connection---astounding!

The Flood-Gates Are Opened:

Cloud computing is an extremely efficient method of managing a whole slew of computer servers, data storage and networking. It was only 10 years ago in 2004 that some very insightful engineers discovered how data and software could be efficiently distributed across a number of machines with their power being combined for shared use. Once that discovery was realized and utilized, it became obvious that one front-runner advantage was immediate performance gains in the business realm. And that pooling of processing power from a mere decade ago has evolved into innovations one would never have dreamt possible such as real-time translation of any human language, self-driving automobiles and get this—thermostats that learn our behavior and adjust themselves, accordingly!

Computers have been a part of the workplace for 50 years, and companies have purchased their own machines for corporate data centers; but the tide is turning. According to industry analysts, by 2020, close to 90% of new spending on Internet and communications technologies will be cloud-based. That is predicted to equate to a $5 trillion global business.

Cloud Technology Is Pervasive!

Most of us are working with cloud-based technology and don’t even realize it. Something as simple as utilizing ‘Dropbox’, using mobile apps, mobile games and interacting on social media sites are only a few examples of countless cloud-technology utilizations. Let’s take a look at other cloud-based applications that allow our world to do what it does—all based on cloud technology:

1: Pinterest—

Loads 60 million photos each and every day yet employs only 300 people, and cloud technology gets the credit.

2: Google services—

Uses cloud for email and photo-editing among other mind-blowing capabilities. Thanks to Google’s cloud, 70,000,000 (that’s 70 MILLION) Nigerians registered for local elections. SnapChat (a messaging app) literally overflowed to millions of users overnight by running on Google’s cloud. Interestingly, Amazon and Google aren’t revealing how many servers they run in linked data centers across the globe, but it’s believed it’s as high as 10 million computer servers for each!

3: Microsoft—

Utilizes cloud to run its Xbox games, among a myriad of other services.

4: Apple—

Supports millions of customers through cloud services.

5: World Cup & Super Bowl—

Rely on cloud for a number of online services.

6: NASA—

The largest cloud-computing company; and used cloud to broadcast the Mars Lander among a whole host of other applications.

7: Shell—

Cloud technology is used is seismic research.

8: Obama campaign—

Thanks to cloud computing, a million calls were able to be placed on Election Day, 2012.

9: Netflix—

Ever wonder how movies and shows are streamed to your TV and computer?—cloud computerization!

10: IBM—

Spent more than $2 billion on cloud technologies and services in 2013.

11: CenturyLink—

A provider of telecommunications and Internet services to businesses; and is adding public cloud services to its 520,000 miles of fiber around the world—and they can’t do it fast enough!

It’s almost frightening, yet terribly exciting at the same time, to think about where this is all going. Only 50 years ago, computing was relegated to a few geeks who had a heads-up on the birth of computer technology while the rest of us hadn’t a clue. Anymore, everybody can jump on board the ‘Cloud Express’ and watch evolution materialize right before their eyes!


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