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Cloud Computing : The future of computing

Updated on September 21, 2011

The upcoming revolution in computing

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the next major milestone in the computing world. It is the whole new concept in which computing is service based not the product based. Computing devices will be powered by less powerful hardware yet it can perform powerful tasks. This is for the reason that every task is performed at a remote computer. Client device is always connected to a Service provider system which will perform all tasks and store the data after processing.

Difference between cloud computing and present computing

There are lot many differences between cloud computing and present computing.Cloud computing will always require a internet connection while it is not important in present day computing.Cloud files will always be stored on remote server so it is much more secure and there are no chances of loss and corruption of data. Cloud computers will be lot cheaper and can run for the whole day.

How it works

Cloud computing works on a connection created between client device and servers in data center. Cloud services can be performed using a web browser on client machine. The Service provider will provide the services like storage and data processing. Then the data will be sent to client and saved in data center as well so their is no need to have huge memory space on computer.

Cloud Operating system

Cloud operating systems are software which are used to provide cloud services to user. Cloud Operating systems are light weight and boots in seconds.OS require a username and password to use cloud services.User can log in to any computer(or device) he will have access to his own documents and services. Cloud OS generally have just a browser like interface and all services are used using browser only.

Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS is very good example of cloud OS.It is linux based OS which boots up in seconds. It is based on Google's browser project 'Chromium'. It is available as default OS in Chromebooks made by Samsung and Acer. If you want to use it on desktop machine then you can use Chrome OS built by hexxeh. There are three version by hexxeh USB, Vmware and VirtualBox, All works fine.

Cloud services which we are using currently

Mail services

Most of us might not know but it is true that mail services are cloud based. In old days to use E-mail services one need a E-mail client software like we use Thunderbird or outlook these days.But now a days just fill the address of E-mail service provider and we can access the services of mail.

Document creation and editing

Now we can create or edit office documents without installing office suite(Like Microsoft office) on computer.There are many services like Google Docs, Microsoft Docs and Zoho Docs to make Documents, Presentations and stylesheets free of cost.These documents are stored by service providers for further use.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a service to store documents, videos, music, movies on a cloud system. Storing data on cloud is secure because data is stored in encrypted form and there are less chances of loss of data.Microsoft, Google and Dropbox provides the cloud storage services.

Cloud Games and applications

Facebook Games and applications are also the example of cloud services.Data of these services are stored on Facebook servers. Google apps also provide cloud services.

Graphic design

Picnik is a service from google to create and edit pictures.It is the best alternative to applications like Photoshop and GIMP. This service is better because we do not need to buy a licence for using it.

Top Cloud providers

  1. Google

  2. Microsoft

  3. Amazon

  4. SalesForce

  5. Yahoo

  6. Bing


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    • profile image

      Omar Tariq 6 years ago

      Thats a very interesting article Amit. I wish I could have a chrome netbook :)


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