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Cloud Living

Updated on June 29, 2010

Cloud Living Just Got Easier

Have you ever wanted to live on a cloud? With technology, it's now possible for us to do some "Cloud Living". Cloud Living is a recent phenomena that has people living wherever they want and working wherever they want as long as there is an internet connect.

The idea is that computer users can use web services to work not only wherever they want but they can use whatever computer is available. It's a bit of a difficult concept to grasp but it is catching on with many users. I personally have been trying to live on the cloud when possible and I see many advantages with only a few negatives.

Business on The Cloud

What Exactly is Cloud Living

The essence of living on the cloud is that web services  are used almost exclusively.  Exclusive use of web services would be the ultimate in cloud living.  People like me tend to take little trips to the cloud periodically.  Let me explain how it works with a real life example.  I am currently writing this hub utilizing Google Docs on a work computer (during lunch).  With revisions it will take me until tonight to finish this hub.  I will keep saving all my changes within the google doc itself and Google is kind enough to also store the document on their servers.  So I am using their web application to write this hub as well as to store this document until I am satisfied with the content.  Tonight I will go home and attempt to finish this document and will be able to do so from a totally different computer.  No need to even use a thumb drive to transport the file since Google will still have the file.  When completed, I will transfer the content to my Hub page and I will archive the Google Doc in the Google Doc archive for future reference if needed. 

There are two huge advantages to living in the cloud.  The first is that I will be able to severely decrease the amount of software that I need to have installed on my computer.  I currently have MS Office on my computers but that is because they are either work purchased or I got them at a steep student discount.  At this point, I think  I will pass if required to upgrade at full retail cost.  I have enough open source software and web services like Google Docs that get the job done, I'll save my money.  The other advantage is that I no longer have to worry about where my documents exist.  I have several computers that I may utilize even during the course of the day so losing files is a common occurrence for me.  Having one place on the Internet to look for files is extremely helpful.

One web service that a lot of people are already taking advantage of is email.  Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo mail are extremely popular.  With those services you can either have the mail delivered directly to your desktop or access the email from any computer through the respective web service.  Raw data or document type files can be stored on file services like Amazon S3, Dropbox or Jungledisk.  AnywhereFM and Pandora are popular music services that exist in the cloud.  I've mentioned a few web services that you may already be using so cloud living may not be that far off fro you.

There are downsides to cloud living.  Not all the applications that you need may have an associated web service.  Not all web services like Google Docs are free.  In some locations within the United States and in many locations outside of the United States the connection speed is just too slow to be able to effectively do your work on the cloud.  Another possible negative is that you may be using more obscure software so there can be conversions issues.  Many of those issues have been taken care of to a large degree but a conversion still may be needed that adds another step to the process. 

At present, cloud living is not for everyone.  It takes some adaptation but most people don't need to live in the cloud full time so a slow migration makes the transition easier. 

Cloud Living/Computing Books

Cloud Computing For Dummies
Cloud Computing For Dummies

The easy way to understand and implement cloud computing technology written by a team of experts

Cloud computing can be difficult to understand at first, but the cost-saving possibilities are great and many companies are getting on board. If you've been put in charge of implementing cloud computing, this straightforward, plain-English guide clears up the confusion and helps you get your plan in place.

You'll learn how cloud computing enables you to run a more green IT infrastructure, and access technology-enabled services from the Internet ("in the cloud") without having to understand, manage, or invest in the technology infrastructure that supports them. You'll also find out what you need to consider when implementing a plan, how to handle security issues, and more.


Cloud Computing Explained


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    • geegee77 profile image


      8 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

      Very cool hub:)

    • jpohl profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Rockford, IL

      I'm trying to get there myself. Taking baby steps at the moment but I am finding it some parts of it extremely convenient.

    • bizchickblogs profile image

      T Peterson 

      8 years ago from Tucson

      Love it. I've been "cloud living" since January, and before that, I was cloud living for a year (I took a year in between going back to working for "the man.") I don't think I can ever look back now.


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