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Cloud VoIP Services - How they can benefit a Business

Updated on August 23, 2011

Evolution of Cloud Services

The whole concept of the "cloud" started off as a nebulous concept in the early days of the Internet. While it wasn't anything more than a curiosity to begin with, services such as Google Docs slowly began to push it into people's consciousness. Of course, millions of people already used cloud based email systems like Gmail and Yahoo! without knowing about cloud terminology. But web based email is just another manifestation of the cloud.

As broadband became easier to access everywhere in the world, and because its reliability kept increasing, many businesses now use cloud technology to power their processes. Almost every business in the world has a website which is hosted on a server sitting far away. That is nothing but cloud technology at work. Businesses can use Google Apps to power their internal documents and email. Once again that is nothing but cloud technology.

We've reached a point where any kind of virtual service can be delivered over the cloud with reliability and efficiency. Sure, the cloud can malfunction now and then. But the rate at which it does so is far less than the failure rate of a locally built solution. And this is why even telecommunication services like VoIP are being outsourced to the cloud.

VoIP with HD voice
VoIP with HD voice

Outsourcing VoIP

If you think about it, VoIP is the perfect technology for cloud sourcing. It has all the ingredients which make the concept a winner. First off, it's a complex system which requires a lot of specialized maintenance. This means we need a team of technically competent staff to always be at hand in order to address any problems which might arise.

Second, the hardware is expensive to set up. While the initial cost is high, the additional resources to accommodate an extra user is low. Meaning that a powerful server most likely has excess capacity when it's dedicated to a single business.

Third, the VoIP system needs to be accessible from anywhere in the world and not just your office. You should be able to pick up a smartphone in any location, download your software and replicate the office experience complete with contacts, extensions and conferencing. The same goes for any computer too.

This is why hosted VoIP HD systems are so attractive. Combined with HD voice IP services, it can make a winning combination for your business which can increase the productivity of your employees and also save you money.


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