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Coby DP700WD 7-Inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame Reviews

Updated on June 29, 2011

Having this Coby DP700 photo frame you can display all of your fondest memories. You can display jpeg images, clock display and calendar too. It is like a wood design. It is Capable of ms memory card support. It is made of a wall mountable design with stand.

The Coby DP700 photo frame is very nice to look at. Its resolution is 480*234 and contrast ratio is 300:1 it is a removable memory, USB flash drive supported photo frame. This manual is very poorly written. It is not a high moderate quality product.

If you compare it with the insignia product you can notice the differences. it is a 7 inch widescreen digital photo frame But these products options are really limited. And the worse thing is that the frame does not allow shuffling of images, and again the maximum time of rotation is 3 mins only. Whereas, the other frames allows for even a day. But the important thing is that I like the frame that how it looks! It will be highly recommended except this limitation.

I bought this as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. As she can share her photos in this photo frame. Although, it is of low prize but it looks really good. It is a 7- inch display frame.

The menu is slow and the buttons are really unresponsive. It is really irritating. Again the auto rotate features actually do nothing. I hope my girlfriend would like it. But she does not. It is just like a little toy that does nothing at all. It is good to look at. That’s it. Now it is your choice that you are like to buy this product or not. The choice is yours and reviews are mine! As price matters, so Coby DP700WD offers a good picture at a reasonable price.

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