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Online JSP Based Projects

Updated on March 17, 2016


The main aim of the project is to design innovative software, which deals with the College Events. In these days almost every college is conducting technical fests where we can gain some knowledge by participating. College, which is conducting fest, will invite so many colleges for the competition. This project is the organizer for event management in a college. This provides college management to schedule events online and assign student volunteers for an event. Event can be uploading by participant in the form of audio, video files

Event Admin create schedules for events using well-developed web interface and assign student volunteers at the time of schedule creation. The students register with the site and some of them register as volunteers. Only Admin and volunteers can upload event content to the site.


The main objective of College Event website is to register the participants. Students can submit their performance by uploading their videos, pictures, audio on the website. There is an Admin module in this project. College Event Admin can register the Events and also generate the Admit cards to students who are win the trials.

The problems of existing System are as follows:

User Problems

Inventory details are really very hard to maintain

Too much Paper Work.

Hard to maintain New and Existing Record of College Event.

Difficult to maintain different types of records for a long period.

Then we suggest the following solutions of these problems:

Solution of User Problem

Inventory details are easily to maintain.

No paper work after this project.

In this system all record can be easily maintain in systematical order.

No difficulties to maintain different types of record for a long period.


The college fest management application will allow the student and teacher to manage various activities to make students to increase there performance and keep the feeling of that they can do and win.

In addition , Student will be able to view the update about the activities. The college fest management website will be accessible through local intranet.

Overall Description

There are various event organized by the department;

Code Weaver: It is set 20 objectives type questions in C++.

IT Vocab: An IT quiz is a form of game or mind spot in which the players attempt to answer IT related questions correctly. The Person / Team answering first with correct answer scores the point.

Brain Teaser: A set of question of aptitude as well as reasoning.

AD-MAD Show: The concept of the show is unique in the sense that it gives a platform to young talented people to showcase their abilities to perform and be creative.

Online Gaming: Online gaming is a game played over some form of computer network. Various games like counter strike, NFS and many more are waiting for you.

Web Desining: As a whole, the process of web design includes planning, post-production, research, advertising, as well as media call that is applied to the pages within the site by designer or group of designers with a specific purpose.

Poster Designing: Poster designing is an emerging art form in which traditional painting technique are replaced by digital tools such as paint brush, Photoshop etc.

On the spot programming: It is programming technique in which there is certain time given to the participants to make a simple program in any computer language.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor : Pentium 4

RAM : 512 MB


Monitor: Atleast 1024x768 resolution supported Monitor



Dot Matrix / Laser Printer

Minimum Software Requirements

Operating System: XP/WIN-7/8

Back-End : MS ACCESS 2003

Front-End : JSP and HTML

Server: Apache Tomcat


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