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Best Color Ereader 2016

Updated on November 6, 2015

Currently there are more black and white ereaders on the market, than color ones. However it is the natural evolutionary path for ereaders and eventually I am sure all ereaders will have color displays.

When I look at the newest generation ereaders, I am struck by how they blur the line between older ereaders and tablet PCs. They often use the same operating systems and you are able to browse the internet, just like with a tablet. The big difference is that the ereader displays are closer to real paper, this means less strain on your eyes. They also tend to be smaller, more durable and cheaper than a tablet, like the ipad.

In 'color ereader 2016' I am going to shortly review 2 of the best new ereaders on the market, the top rated Nook and the cheaper Velocity Cruz.

Top rated color ereader 2016
Top rated color ereader 2016

Barnes & Noble NOOK

Compared to the other color ereaders the Nook is more expensive, larger and more powerful. It is also the most popular, outselling it's competition by a serious margin. The main feature of the Nook is it's 7 inch, high definition, touch sensitive color display. The screen is made by LG, it is both high quality and energy efficient.

Barnes and Noble also have another ereader with the same name, it's black and white with a color touch interface. Just make sure you don't get that one by accident.

The device has a small speaker on the back and an earphone jack. The speaker is OK for audio books, but the quality isn't good enough for watching movies. For that you need earphones.

The Nook connects to the internet using WiFi. The Barnes and Noble bookstore works better than the Amazon one and there is currently a selection of 2 million books.The books download very quickly, you can get most in just 10 minutes. You can highlight content from the book, that you are reading and easily share good bits on Facebook and Twitter. The ebook reader has a real button that takes you back to the home screen, with one click. I found it helped speed navigation up quite a bit. In terms of processing power the device is faster than I expected, but still slower than an Ipad.

The Nook weighs just a little less than a pound, about double the weight of the latest Kindle.Still that is a lot less than an iPad, which weighs around 21 ounces.

The problems with the the device are that it only has 8 hours of battery life and the rechargeable battery isn't user replaceable. You connect the device to your PC with a USB cable to recharge it.

I would get a decent case for this device. It does need the extra protection.

In short I would consider the Nook color good value for money and currently the best color ereader on the market. It is particularly good with magazines and the children's content that been created specifically for the Nook.

Best selling color ereader 2016
Best selling color ereader 2016

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader

The Micro Crux isn't as Good as the Nook, but it is significantly cheaper and good value for money.

The Cruz uses the Android OS 2.0 and you can web browse and use email through a WiFi connection.

The Cruz is setup to use the Borders online bookstore. They have 2 million books for sale on there, so enough of a selection.

The reader has 256 MB of internal storage and a 4 GB SD card. You can plug your memory stick or portable hard drive into the device with the USB slot.

The Cruz supports music formats like WAV, MP3, WMA and AAC. As well as video formats like MPEG-4 and H.264.

You can replace the rechargeable battery on this device and it gives you 10 hours of use with one charge.

The device comes with a built-in dictionary, calendar, notepad, some games and other useful applications.

The ereader has received some unfavorable reviews from writers comparing it to the Ipad. In my opinion this is unfair as the Cruz is much cheaper and is an ereader not a tablet. You can't expect it to compete with an Ipad.

Best cheap color ereader 2016
Best cheap color ereader 2016

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