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Knowing Color Coding of the Four Wires inside USB Cord

Updated on July 2, 2017
Four wires inside the USB cable
Four wires inside the USB cable | Source

Have a first slice of USB to check for Color Code

If you are going to slice a USB cable, it exposes the four wires inside with different colors and mind that these four wires correspond to the USB color coding for power and data transfer for home repair without spending a penny.

This could save few bucks for buying any USB operated device.

If you can see a red wire within the four wires in a USB cable, then you are holding the hot wire.

Obviously, there are four wires inside a USB when you expose it using a knife or something.

We are mentioning the red wire.

This is a very small red wire in almost all USB cable you can see around.

The Color Code of the Four USB wires in a USB Cord
The Color Code of the Four USB wires in a USB Cord | Source

Color code of the Four Wires inside USB cord

This is an article about a simple "do-it-yourself" for repairing USB cable if things happen.

Have the courage to slice your USB cable which will expose the four wires inside.

We mentioned the red wire as the positive wire or the hot wire.

We will now proceed with the next three wires.

In our photo shown on this hub, we can see the top part which has white wire, green wire and black wire.

Five volts is always the voltage of the red wire as stated.

To have the current flow to a device, red wire should be paired with the ground wire which is the black wire. This indicates the negative wire.

Both white wires and the green wires are called data wires.

Now, what are data wires?

Data wires composed of the positive data wires and the negative data wires.

The main function of data wires are pathways of data when copying or moving files from and into a computer.

The white wire is the positive wire.

The green wire is the negative wire.

We can observe that one in our pictorial diagram above this.

You can also see another set of USB wires below left on the photo above and I took another shot closer which can be found below this line.

Other set of USB wires inside USB cable
Other set of USB wires inside USB cable | Source

Another Set of USB Four Wires and Color Code

Here, we can see another four wires of a USB cable.

The power wires are orange wire and the white wire.

Orange wire is the positive wire and is always in 5 volts since USB devices always powered with just five volts.

White wire indicates the partner of orange wire which is the ground wire or the negative wire.

Connect these two wires with a small fan and the fan will spin.

Easy to know are the data wires.

The rest of the blue wire and the green wire are the data wires in a USB color code.

Take the green wire as one of data wires which is in positive data.

Then the blue wire as the data wire which is in negative.

Data wires are pathways of data files if you copy from computer to computer or browsing your USB for your desired work.

Take our short survey.

Common USB problem.

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© 2015 Mark Johann


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    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 3 years ago from Italy

      Thanks for dropping by Rota.

    • Rota profile image

      Rota 3 years ago

      handy information. Thanks

    • Mark Johann profile image

      Mark Johann 3 years ago from Italy

      Hello pstraubie48,

      I am pleased with your comment. Thanks for your blessing on my day. I feel you are my angel here in Hubpages that I may be determined to make more hubs. HP is like a family. I feel that and thanks for being one.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida

      This is information that I probably will not ever use. I am not so much on splice wires and all but I had to look at it as the whole discussion of anything to do with technology makes me be reminded of my nephew who was a whiz and is no longer on the planet.

      Angels are on the way to you this morning ps