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Internet Information- Comcast Internet Bundles

Updated on June 22, 2009

High Speed Internet..

Many people dont understand what the difference is between high speed internet and what is called wireless or broadband internet. It is quite simple actually.

Dialup is what we used to use several years ago before the technology caught up to us and things started to get difficult in the way things are done. When you use dialup internet you plug a standard phone line into a modem in your computer and enter a phone number that is assigned to you from your internet servive provider and connect to a server on their system and access the internet through them. This is a very slow connection considering that you can now access the internet through high speed. Many many years ago we all loved dialup. We couldnt believe how fast it appeared we would access everything on the internet. We thought it was awesome that it would only take 15 minutes to download a song or mp3 of some sort and now we think back about how it was and think to ourselves god it took forever compared to being able to download something for just a few minutes at most now a days.

So now highspeed internet is where a company such as comcast would come out and install what is called a router and this serves as your modem and you connect to the internet thru this and your connection is say ten times faster then it is on dialup. You will have a nice connection but not as nice as a wireless high speed connection. Now a days more and more computers are having built in wireless cards and with these cards you can access the internet thru anyplace that offers Unsecured Wireless Internet. This comes in handy when you have to travel alot and stay in hotels that have the free internet. Alot of people say that if you use this type of internet whatever you pass over the internet with regards to your banking information or credit card information it is all free to be passed to anyone who might know how to obtain that information. I have used this type of internet for quite a while and can say that I have not had any issues as of yet with someone accessing my information. However anything is possiable.

Wireless internet is where a router is placed and multiple computers will share one connection thru their own wireless cards and all the computers will share the information being submitted through the router. This means that if you have a wireless system and you have 10 people all connecting to that router all 10 people are sharing the connection and the amount that is able to be passed through the connection is being divided amoung all the connections. This will make for some slow connections if you have more people online than the internet connection can handle. I would highly recommend that you each install your own wireless connection in the home and make sure that you install your own password to access the internet so that not just anyone can log onto your internet.

Who offers these services.

Who you may ask all offers such things as high speed internet? Many many people know that most cable companies offer high speed internet. These days most cell phone providers also offer high speed wireless internet services. In most cases you will pay a fee for the equipment that you will need to use the highspeed internet.

Comcast High speed internet is one of the most common high speed providers. In this case Comcast cable company will send a service technichian out to your home and he will install the equipment and make sure that all is working before leaving you to wonder all over the internet. You will more than likely pay a small fee every month for the piece of equipment that you are using to access the internet.

Clearwire Wireless high speed internet is a new company that will set up your own personal wireless system in your home. You will pay a small fee for what is considered to be rented equipment or leased equipment and will have your own personal password and information to access the internet. You will be able to connect to the one server if you have more than one computer in the house but you will need to know just how far you will be able to reach and still have the same kind of connection.

AOL offers some services for internet. I dont know much about AOL because a long time ago in order to have any access to any services offered thru aol you had to pay around twenty dollars to connect to any thing on their sites and services. Now a days you can access just about any part of the AOL network as long as you have a internet connection already. Most of their sites are free of charge these days.

Many of these places you can just call and get information from them and find out what exactly their requirements are for you to set up your own high speed connection. Most places will be able to even walk thru the process if you dont want someone to come out to your home and do the connection and installing of the equipment themselves.


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