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Communicating Clearly via Text Messaging

Updated on February 14, 2013

Might stop a war

No invention has led to a clearer misunderstanding between participating parties than the indiscriminate use of text messaging. While it’s necessary to keep the message shorter than normal, acronyms (contractions) can lead to painful results. Take the example of someone trying to text message the famous and quite large in stature, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the following: ur a fag.

Did the writer mean “you are a fine Austrian gentleman” or “you are a fantastic American Governor” or “you are a film acting great”. Probably some of all of these could be considered appropriate but I don’t think Arnie would take to well to receiving this message. He might consider terminating you or reacting with one of his move lines “consider this a divorce”. As a minimum, you might hear Arnie proclaiming that he’s getting a bad headache (no it’s not a tumor).

So the lesson is quite clear, only use the shorter versions of words when the meaning will be clearly understood by the receiving party. You are trying to communicate with the other party and one would think that you’re trying to be very friendly. It’s probably not a very good idea to get Arnie upset, now is it?

And here is another statement seen as a Facebook status--"I hope you all enjoy your VD". Seems the writer was wishing a pleasant Valentine's Day and not the more serious affliction related to love with the improper stranger. The lesson here is spell out what you mean if you want to communicate properly. Laziness only results in confusion.


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