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Communication System Of Bangladesh

Updated on October 3, 2015

Communication system denotes the ways and means of movement of people and goods from one place to another inside a country and outside it as well. In other words it refers to the transport facilities that are available to people for traveling and carrying goods. It includes both the vehicles and the ways used by them. The history of the development of transport shows how people have been trying from prehistoric times to use more and more advanced types of transport thereby replacing the traditional means of conveyance. In modern times knowledge of science and technology came in a big way to help people to devise ways and means quicken and more comfortable movement of men and goods mot only on land and water but also in the air. Thus the vehicles that ply on land and water as well as in the air in a country to connect different place, far and near, constitute its communication system. The communication system greatly helps to set up towns, cities and trading centers, to introduce new tools and technology in agriculture and industry and to disseminate new knowledge and ideas. The communication system in a country in one of its most essential infrastructures required for its development.

Train as one of the land communication system of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Railway
Bangladesh Railway

Conditions In Bangladesh :

The communication system in Bangladesh is quite unenviable. Because of a large number of rivers crisscrossing it, building roads and highways, railways and bridges in all its parts has not been feasible. This is why, traditional country boats still serve as the most useful means of transport and communication. Besides, the economic condition of our country also does not allow mass mechanization of transport.

Consequently we still see Bullock and Buffalo carts lumbering on the dirt roads of many parts of Bangladesh. Therefore, geographical and economic conditions are important factors which often determine whether a country will continue to use its traditional communication system or introduce modern transport. But now a days every country tries to modernize its transport system as far as possible, because modern transport holds out better prospects for development of a nation. Thus of late, Bangladesh has also made phenomenal development in its communication system.

Ancient land communication system of Bangladesh

Man using Bullock Carts
Man using Bullock Carts | Source
A man push a cart for transporting goods
A man push a cart for transporting goods | Source

Land Communication :

The land communication has been tremendously developed in recent year in Bangladesh. A large numbers of roads and highways have been constructed throughout the country connecting all the districts. Besides, many old dirt roads have been metaled in all the areas of the country. Thus people can travel anywhere by bus and transport their goods by truck. Besides, construction of some bridges over different rivers have greatly improved the system of communication by land. All these have enormously facilitated the movement of heavy motor vehicles in all parts of the country. In addition to private motor vehicles owner Associations, there is also Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation of the Government. Thus both the private sector and the public sector are working side by side to carry men and goods across the country. But, Bangladesh railway is still the single largest means of land communication in Bangladesh. In recent times after the construction of the Jamuna Bridge the railway communication has been revolutionized. Newer plans are also being taken up to expand and modernize the Bangladesh railway service. It is taken care of by the Bangladesh Railway Board.

Boat as the water communication system of Bangladesh


Water Communication :

There are many large and small rivers as well as lake in Bangladesh which are an important factor for communication. Numerous motor launches and shifts ply on these rivers carrying a large number of passengers as well as a large volume of cargo. They connect the far-flung areas of the country with one another as well as the capital city. The international sea-ports and the internal rivers ports render a great deal of service in conducting trade and commerce of the country. The transport facilities available in the water ways of Bangladesh play a dominate role in its communication system.

The internal water transport facilities are looked after by the Bangladesh Internal Water Transport Authority.

Bangladesh Biman as the air communication system of Bangladesh


Air Communication :

The air communication network in Bangladesh is also witnessing a steady development.
The Bangladesh Biman operates a large good number of internal and international flights which can transport a lot of passengers and cargo. The capital city is connected with Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore and other places by air. This contributes a great deal to the development of the trade and commerce of the country and quick movement of the people from one place to another.

In its communication system Bangladesh has a remarkable network of land transport, water transport and air transport. But the system tells a sad tale. Road accidents and motor launch accidents are very common events in Bangladesh. More often than not, these accidents which take a heavy toll of life make sensational head lines in daily newspaper every now and then. Unfit and outdated vehicles as well as reckless drivers and crew are mainly responsible for these accidents. Steps should be taken to ensure safe travel and the whole system should be modernized to provide comfortable communication facilities to the people.

Suitable communication system of Bangladesh

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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      As an American, when I contrast this to our subway systems, autos, trains, and other forms of transportation, it's surprising and humbling. We often grumble about traffic congestion in some areas and government regulations (that are really there just for safety), but we need a reality check. We have a relatively safe, reliable, convenient, low-cost transportation system. It didn't happen over night. It took a century to build, and our infrastructure desperately needs re-energizing. I encourage your country to continue to take pride in itself and move forward. Embrace and overcome your unique challenges.

    • Bangladesh Page profile image

      Bangladesh Page 2 years ago

      A detailed post. Thank you for writing such an informative post. It takes years to set the communication network at a good shape. Bangladesh has a long way to go but the achievement so far is remarkable.

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 6 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      I am aware of your war just through the song, Breathing, which was on one of her tapes in the 1970s. The lyrics sound, to me, like it was a civil war. I just listened to it on Youtube. It is a heartbreaking song. Type in Joan Baez Bangladesh.

      Your nation sounds like it has definitely moved "forward" since then.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      I am surprised...! Do you know about our war?

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 6 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      You have written a very interesting hub, Breathing, a good display of your nation. I am reminded of a song by Joan Baez (country-folk-rock singer, also a rebel) about Bangladesh. I believe the title too was "Bangladesh" and it refers to a past war in your country.