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Communication Then & Now

Updated on August 24, 2016


What has happened to our communication? The new generation has become attached to technology in a way that it is growing faster than they are.Children at the age of 5 are getting a cell phone, I-pad, Laptop, I-watch etc.. and this is the new normal. By continually watching TV or playing X-Box on the TV, there is no way of them understanding how a real conversation goes or how the real world works. Its brain washing the old generation and going to continue with the new generations to come.

I remember when I was 6 and not having any of technology to surround myself with. Hopscotch,TAG, hide & seek, board games & Barbie's were the 1980- 90's babies entertainment and it was sufficient. Having to wait for your parents to get off the main land line so you could call your friends. Having to wait for the computer to finish downloading to get to the internet. All of these we never took for granted or never complained about because it was normal for us.

At the age of 15 is when I got my first flip phone and it was only used for emergencies, by the age of 18 is when I got my first lap top and my first car passed down from my parents.

With technology taking over faster then ever these days and the more we get more in tuned with it all, we start to loose the originality of ourselves. We start to rely on it more and it can fail us at any moment leaving us with not knowing what else is out there. Almost feeling like robots being taking advantage of so we can always upgrade with the newest, fastest most trendy technology is where we will loose the meaning of life.

I understand that technology can do great things for us in this new updated world, it can cure many diseases, discover new inventions, help us with many other things in life, but in a way that is not letting us grow between others directly. We still need to value and understand that it is not everything and we still need to be able to directly communicate with each other without a phone or some sort of device in front of us to "help".


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