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Communication and Surveillance in this Technological Era

Updated on March 8, 2019
Sreelesh Kumar profile image

I am from the southern state of Kerala, India. Working here as a freelancer. Love to explore India and its culture for you.

Communication in this Technological Era

Nowadays almost all the aspects of business operations, be it engagement of the customers, innovations of products and services, production, marketing, communications etc., are influenced by digital technology. It helps all the companies, including an established company like the big MNCs or start-ups or whether it is an established world-renowned company or a small company in a small local area, to improve their strategies and prosper. One of the prominent communication companies which helps in providing a level field for all the companies is Hyper Communications. Also, internet telephony provides a much cheaper way of communication by enabling communication over long distances at reasonable rates, which in turn help small businesses in a great way.

Our amazing capacity to send a big lot of information in a flash, in a universal manner continually has changed different sectors like business, politics, culture, bringing a massive change in conventional organizations. Undoubtedly, we can say that the earth is becoming smaller and smaller in this technological era with the advancement in modern communication methods.

Different types of Modern Communication Methods

We all are familiar with traditional communication methods like wired phones, fax, voice mails. When you merge all these features into one then you get internet telephony where calls are made and data sent over the internet. Skype is one of the most popular examples of internet telephony. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is the method using which internet telephony is made possible. IP-PBX system uses IP data for making calls. It has features like easy to install, frequent upgrades, very easy to use graphic user interface which is menu driven. The IP-PBX works well with VoIP phone service provider over long distances at low rates.

Telephone system service contract is of utmost importance in this competitive world.

Surveillance through Internet Protocols

These are surveillance systems which have come up as a substitute for the analogue closed-circuit television cameras or CCTV cameras. In network IP security camera systems, a digital video camera is used that receive data and image data is sent over the internet. These systems do not require any recording equipment at the local place, unlike the CCTV. All that is required is a local area network (LAN). One of the main disadvantages of security cameras is that they are prone to get hacked through different loopholes. One of the ways to repair this defect is to buy a network IP surveillance camera that has the most advanced security features enabled. Network IP surveillance thus helps in data loss from the hacking of sensitive information in this digitally driven world.


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    • Sreelesh Kumar profile imageAUTHOR

      Sreelesh Kumar 

      4 months ago from Kunjathur, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod, Kerala, India

      Sure, I have read your article and have left a comment there. Nicely written article.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      5 months ago from South India

      Hi, I too wrote on 5G communications and looking forward to your comments. Without communication, nothing is possible. Now we are habituated to 4G communication and eager to receive 5G technology.


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