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Comparing SIP Trunking to Hosted PBX

Updated on January 19, 2012

Outsourced or In-House – the Eternal Debate

It might seem like this is a new problem businesses face. The problem of whether or not to offload a certain functionality to a third-party or to handle it themselves. The answer, as so many things of this sort, depends on the circumstances. There is a sliding scale at one end of which it makes perfect sense to do the job yourself, and on the other end the logic dictates that you outsource it. For the past decade or so, businesses have faced this choice with regard to their VoIP systems. It's only recently though that Internet Telephony Service Providers or ITSPs for short have garnered the full expertise and technology to offer seamless hosted PBX solutions.

In large part, the answer depends on two things. One – does the company have the resources to pull off an in-house solution? In the case of VoIP, this means a lot of things. First off, it means you need to have the technological competence and that translates into acquiring the right manpower. It also means investing in hardware, and taking responsibility for the maintenance and upgrading of the same. Many other little inconveniences such as allocating space for the hardware, integrating the new department into your HR and accounting systems etc. exist when dealing with an in-house VoIP solution.

Hosted VoIP Solutions
Hosted VoIP Solutions

Hosted PBX – Winning the Race

It's only when you start implementing a complicated IT solution such as VoIP on your own premises, that you realize how involved it all is. It takes time to build up a technological competence uniquely suited to the needs of your organization and if you haven't done this before, the whole procedure of hiring the required talent and getting them to fit in with your employees can be a harrowing experience. How much more easier therefore, to just hand this over to the professionals!

How many companies have ever tried to host and manage their own Web servers? The overwhelming majority of business entities today have outsourced the managing of the hardware and software of their Web servers to a third-party vendor via either 100% shared hosting, virtual servers, or co-location. Only those companies whose core competency critically depends on data security and who possess the requisite resources can afford to handle it on their own. The same is true for VoIP solutions. Unless you have superlatives reasons for managing your own network, there is no good argument for not outsourcing it to the professionals.

With secure hosted VoIP, you no longer have to bear the cost of purchasing and upgrading expensive server hardware, nor of staying up-to-date with the latest security literature to apply patches. SIP account creation is simple and you can focus on the core competency of your own business without getting distracted. In the end, this leads to greater productivity and better efficiencies.


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