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Comparison between Samsung S6 Edge vs HTC One M9

Updated on May 30, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Many of us are waiting for a revolutionary smartphone to enter the market. Samsung is introducing two of such smartphones named Samsung galaxy S6 and galaxy s6 edge. Each of these phones coming with 5.1 inch super AMOLED displays. Both of these have 1440x2560 pixel resolution like of LG G3 and google Nexus 6.

They have a pixel depth of 577 p.p.i.Samsung introduces these phones with a glass-metallic body, its regular round edge shape is changed and looks similar to the design of galaxy note 4.

'Samsung Pay' is a new application introduced instead to challenge the Apple Pay. These new phones will come with this application. They are saying that this payment application will support N.F.C technology and also earlier magnetic strip readers, i.e. it will come to many machines than Apple's Pay.

World's first phone with curved edges is the specification of the new Samsung s6 edge.This feature is borrowed from galaxy Note Edge.In Note only one side is curved, but in this phone both of the side is curved to provide more control and easy to use interface.

In note edge, these curved edges are used as an app launcher.But in galaxy s6 edge it is used to show clock and news crawler.It also blink in different colors while a call comes.

Considering Hardware of both phones, there is not much difference. Comes with Octacore processor [Quadcore 2.1 Ghz+quadcore 1.5GHz] and with 3Gb RAM. Optical image stabilization [O.I.S] technique is used in 16Mpixel back camera. Special feature of continuous auto focus is used in this camera. As a result picture can be easily captured while moving.Clear pictures can be captured in low lights and also slow motion videos can be easily captured with this camera. 5mp front camera with LED flash helps to take good selfies.

These two phones have LTE connectivity,Wireless charging technology and supportive charging standards.It can be charged from different platforms. A small change in comparing their batteries. S6 comes with 2550 maH and s6 edge with 2600maH.

Fingerprint scanners are improved in this version than earlier versions. One drawback is that these two models are not water resistant.These two models with comes to the market on or after April 10. Considering internal storage it comes with 32Gb,64Gb,and 128Gb models.

White pearl, Black safire ,gold platinum,blue dopus are colors of this models.The price is not yet announced by the samsung company.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Is these two will satisfy the smartphone users?

4 stars from 1 rating of Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 vs HTC One M9

HTC One M9

It is one of the phone that could become the no: one in 2015. It was unveiled in Mobile world congress in Barcelona. The reports coming from there tells that it will be a super hit in the smartphone market. According to the Time Magazine it is the best all rounder phone that is available today. The body of both one A8 and A9 is almost similar. But its hardware and software is extremely good. Considering about the hardware it comes with 2Ghz snapdragon 810 processor, 3Gb RAM, 32Gb internal storage and MicroSD slot.

Considering camera, back camera is a 20Mpixel and front camera with 4MP ultra pixel. This phone comes with 1080p 5inch HD display and the battery with 2600mah. HTC is saying that it has a Dolby sound feature with Boom Sound speakers.

Now go through its software, it comes with android 5.0 lollipop and is customized with HTC user interface Sense UI. On this phone the latest version of Sense UI, IE Sense 7 is used and also it comes with a 'Blindfeed' feature that shows news and social media updates in one location. Another app called 'One gallery' app that shows all the photos in one folder from different locations.

'The sense Home ' application is available in this phone that help the phone to identify the user location and thus to provide the required help for that location. HTC showed the world 'what is really smartphone'. It is yet not revealed the price and date of release.

HTC one m9

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