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Comparison of Two Excellent Office Shredders

Updated on October 2, 2015
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Industrial Office Paper Shredders

Comparison of Two Excellent Office Shredders

Businesses need more than a cheap paper shredder, they need an industrial-strength shredder to handle the daily shredding of confidential documents. Often, multiple users need to shred documents throughout the day. A good shredder should effectively shred documents so that no confidential data is decipherable, should any small paper remnants fall on the floor during disposal.

Here are two of the best industrial shredders to consider for your office needs.

Fellowes 99Ci 100% Jam Proof Heavy Duty Paper and Credit Card Shredder, 18 Sheet Cross Cut

The Fellowes 99ci shredder comes in an attractive black and silver tower shape. It features a 100% jam proof system that can handle everything from office paper, to heavy duty paper, and credit cards. It prevents paper jams, and can do most tough jobs.

The 99c shredder will prevent accidents. It has a SafeSense technology sensor that makes the shredder stop when it senses hands or fingers getting too close to the opening. Paper feeds into the top, with convenient operation buttons on the top. A handy access door pulls open in the front, to easily discard contents into your recycling bin.

If you’ve ever been in a shared space office environment, noise can be a concern. This shredder has a SilentShred feature, so that it can quietly shred all your paper, so you don’t disturb the office.

You can even save time using this shredder. There is no need to remove staples—it will shred right through them. It’s so tough, you can shred an entire junk mail envelope, or a CD or DVD.

Its pricing falls around $200, and includes a two year warranty.

Swingline Paper Shredder, Stack-and-Shred 300X Auto Feed, Super Cross-Cut, 300 Sheets, 5-10 Users (1757576)

The Swingline paper shredder feeds paper through the top, with buttons on the top front, and a nine-gallon drawer that pulls out for emptying. It’s also a tower-style shredder. It can handle up to 300 sheets at one time, saving you time from having to stand there to hand-feed the machine.

To operate the shredder, you stack your sheets inside, close, and press the button. If you choose to use manual feed, it will feed up to 8 sheets at one time. The Swingline will also shred CDs and DVDs, in a separate slot on the auto-feed tray.

This shredder will shred one sheet of paper into 400 minute pieces. It passes Level P-4 security needs, leaving one confident that no confidential data is left on view, before placing discarded remnants into the recycling bin.

It can clear it own jams. The Swingline can automatically detect when there might be a jam, and will reverse on its own, then re-feed papers back through. Should there be a more complicated jam, the unit will guide you through the steps needed, by a series of blinking LED lights.

The Swingline is priced at around $730, and comes in a black plastic finish. The Swingline is backed up by a two year warranty.


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