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Computer Drawing Tablet for kids

Updated on September 19, 2014

Computer drawing tablet for kids

A great little piece of kits for the budding young artists.

If like me you use a drawing tablet and have a son that wants to copy you, then we have a great product here in the form of a Computer Drawing Tablet for Kids from Genius. My son is always wanting to be on my drawing tablet and I wanted to get one of his own.

The kids Drawing Tablet Genius seems to fit the bill well. It's bright orange colour and friendly shape makes it and attractive tablet to get the my budding young digital artist on his way to creating his own art. I might also just get more time on my own drawing tablet as a result.

Fun drawing tablet for the kids
Fun drawing tablet for the kids | Source

Gadgets, including computers, are part of life now for all ages and Genius like many other companies who manufacture drawing tablets, know there is plenty of room in the tablet market and have released a great drawing tablet aimed at children.

As mentioned, technology is part of daily life and will play a bigger part in the lives of our children and as such, these FUN brightly coloured devices will help children pick up the skills to use this technology from an early age, a real advantage in todays world.

The kids computer drawing tablet is an easy piece of friendly technology for all kids from about 3 years and up and has a good sized working area of 5” x 8”.This good sized working area delivers fun lessons in hand-eye coordination, as your young one enjoy educational and creative games on the computer.

Depending on where you buy the computer drawing tablet, the package usually ships with some great games and we all know children learn from play and will teach those aged three to eight about the following, colors, shapes, logic, geography, maths, memory, responsiveness, and drawing, not a bad line up for something that looks like a toy.

The Genius drawing tablet for kids will play nice with Windows 7/Vista/XP, where you will need a free USB port to hook up the tablet to your PC while a CD/DVD-ROM is required for software installation.

Good features about the computer drawing tabletfor kids

  • Easy to use tablet for children from the ages of 3-8
  • Great games for education learning and creativity
  • Fairly large 5”x8” working area
  • Pen clip design for easy storage
  • It's great fun!

Poor features about the computer drawing tablet for kids

  • Wish I have them when I was a lad!

Drawing tablet specification

  • Active area, 5 x 8 inches
  • Resolution, 2,540
  • Report rate, 125 pps

System Requirements

  • IBM PC / Pentium 233 Compatible or higher
  • Windows 7 / vista / XP
  • Available USB port
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive

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