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Computer Examinations

Updated on July 15, 2017

The Importance of General Computer Examination

There are many odds and ends which need to be explored when properly examining a system. If you’re familiar with these services, then you understand computer repair services cover a wide variety of areas.

Examination of Working Parts

Why is this? Because maintenance and inspection are important to ensure the security and extensive lifespan of your hardware. A typical desktop has several working parts, from RAM, HDD, GPU, CPU, fans, cables, and more. Each of these components has its own lifespan and quality, all of which can fail or degrade over time.

How to Check your Computer's RAM

Checking RAM for Your Computer

RAM is the one essential component that has the most immediate impact on your computers performance. /;MemTest” from HCI Design is a great tool to check your unused memory for errors. Identifying and fixing errors with your RAM is important. Errors in RAM cause the infamous “blue scree of death”. Boot problems can also be attributed to RAM errors.

How To Tell If Your Hard Drive is Failing - Tech Tips

Checking HDD and SDD on Your Computer

Your HDD/SSD has your operating system and most of your applications and files. Having your HDD/SDD completely healthy is very important. This is most imperative when dealing with a used computer since you have no awareness of the previous history or care of the used computer and its HDD/SDD.

Different tools are available to check the condition and health of the HDD/SDD.

"HDSentinel” is one you can use for your HDD. The left hand side of the screen will display drives connected the computer. Health is the main parameter to look for. HD Sentinel will explain the meaning of the health percentages and the steps that you should take based on the results. As an example, you shouldn't throw out your HDD just because of a few bad disk sectors and IO errors.

"SSDlife” is another tool specifically for an SSD. It also shows health in percentages and the expected life of the drive. Similar to hard disks, bad sectors can occur in SSDs.

How to Identify a CPU/GPU Bottleneck

Checking CPU & GPU on Your Computer

The main components that do all the processing are the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). These are the components that allow you to run your office applications and your games. These are also essential components to ensure are in perfect working order. So it is necessary that these two components should be in perfect condition. For testing both, we use “CPU speed test”.

For testing your GPU, the tool “Base Mark Web 3.0” works just fine.

Examinations Are Critical

This is why running inspections is critical for hardware. But it doesn’t stop there. While hardware can eventually fail due to unforeseen problems or just age, software plays a significant role too. When software, firmware, and general OS operations aren’t running properly, it indicates there could be an assortment of problems.

Basic Computer Knowledge Question & Answer

What Happens When You Don’t Inspect?

Adopting a philosophy of “set it and forget it” can cause problems down the road. This goes for any device you heavily rely on, as all technology is prone to damages, malware attacks, and age.

This goes double if you rely on technology for your business. Infrastructure that fails because of easily preventable problems is frustrating, so running examinations and inspections is important.

How to Clean your Computer and How to Clean disk space Windows 10 - Free & Easy


From the software and operations angle, not running inspections can cause a sordid mess of problems. Temporary files build up, excess HDD space is taken, software programs go out of date, performance begins to degrade, and the system is exposed to a series of security threats.

Each of these leads to some bad outcomes. Crashes, failures, and even corrupted hard drives are all possibilities. It’s important to prune needless files, keep security up to date, and check the latest drivers for your GPU to keep performance smooth.


Hardware is equally crucial. During a desktop’s lifetime, it accumulates age and dust. Poorly wired systems will also generate excess heat when powered on, potentially causing damage to sensitive components. HDD’s will eventually spin out of their lifetime and need replacing, but if not caught properly, can take all the valuable data with it.

Keeping a PC clean and checking for failing or damaged components assures you won’t run into the rude awakening of “dead boots” or other performance problems.

Conclusion - Importance of Quality Inspection

You should understand the importance of your devices and systems. So, give it the full five-star treatment when assessing the status of your machine(s). Covering all these ends assures you will keep your PC in great shape while also taking a proactive approaching towards potential problems.

It’s easy to miss critical parts of your system during inspection, so professional technicians may be needed for help. If you suspect there are strange performance problems or oncoming errors, now might be the time to perform a thorough examination.

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© 2017 Joe Brochin


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