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Computer Games: A Boon or a Bane?

Updated on October 6, 2009

Is it an Enemy or Friend?


            Ours is a highly- sophisticated, complicated and busy world – a world of computer- manipulated HUMANS, in action and in mind. We are now living in the era where people are trapped, many are hooked in technology which also humans have created – the computers; computers which have become monsters in mankind, yet monsters of innovations, at the same time addiction. They are the creations not by God, but a product of human’s intelligence. In our very competitive world, updates in computers are even one of the most controversial subjects all over nations. Countries compete to newly-introduced technologies; and even in a flimsy-thought, yet highly regarded one, on games.

            Computers are devised to ease the burdens of work; and it was proven long time ago, the reason why people continued surfing for a more innovative discoveries. They are also created for communication purposes, like e-mail through internet and the different chat zones; and they are willfully and lavishly used for entertainment specifically the creation of computer games by which such thing boost not the morale of people but the confidence of both young and old in fighting and in decision-making. Another apparent good thing we can get from playing computer games is the strengthening of friendship; and that’s it.

            Computer Games – is it a boon or a bane? In a liberal and logical way of thinking, it is a boon. In morale and totality, it is totally a bane. It is a boon because of its benefits somehow. One can be attributed to the traditional mind-game which was before in a form of a piece of paper which now turned into a hi-tech and more complex manner – in computers, still a mind-game. Thus, our mind works, it decides and it chooses, it concludes. Our mind is tested and challenged to gauge how excellent we are logically and accurately. And as I mentioned above, it makes friendships grow even stronger.  One’s skills in fighting are improved in a silent but a bit revolutionary way. Yet if we go deeper than what is stressed, other people who try to think that way engage not ample and enough but more time, the worst is, almost all their time, in playing computer games which I will discuss that it is a total bane to mankind.

            Computer Games – it is a bane – a menace to society – both for young and old ones. Behind the fact that they are challenged to be at their best in decision-making and reasoning, much of their time is being wasted up. Staying in a computer room for a long period of time is a big no-no!  Yes it is fun to play, but it creates problems at the back of such pleasure. Negligence to perform other chores is one; negligence to do school assignments is one; and lack of enough sleep is another one. Hence, pleasure is not good if behind it is a negative outcome. How can one continue having pleasure if it gradually deteriorates the chances of playing? Computer games then are really monsters that destroy the totality of a human being.

            Based on the above comparison, computer games can be a boon and a bane. It’s for you to think at, weigh things, to decide whether you keep on being hooked to it or be wise to divide your time in a reasonable way. I jut hope we use our mind and time wisely.



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      ashita 4 years ago

      now this is called a real article.


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