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Computer Games For Girls

Updated on April 3, 2011
Computer games for Girls - Mia Goes For Great
Computer games for Girls - Mia Goes For Great

Buy computer Games For Girls

If you are looking for computer games for girls, you will find that there is a plethora to choose from.

There are games are that specifically aimed at younger children and they will combine both an educational element as well as a lot of unadulterated fun. You can choose a game that is based on a particular character like a Barbie computer game or a Disney game.

Here are a couple of examples of computer games for girls that you can purchase online at Amazon. These would make perfect gift ideas for any occasion.

American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

American Girl dolls consist of a range of different dolls that each have their own distinctive look and personality. This is a computer game based on the well known doll called Mia St. Clair.

This particular doll has a passion for figure skating and this computer game presents different challenges and that the player must face.

This is definitely a computer game for girls who love solving puzzles and quizzes.

As well as answering tough questions, the player gets to put together practice routines for Mia to do during her ice skating sessions.

This game is suitable for girls aged 8 years and upwards and who are big fans of ice skating or those who actually ice skate themselves.

The American Girl series also includes a range of books and you will find that these games are based on the contents of the books.

Multi pack computer games for girls
Multi pack computer games for girls

Ultimate Games for Girls 4 -bundle

This is the perfect gift for a young girl who likes to have a choice about the kind of computer games she wants to play. In this package there are four different types of games that can be played.

Three games are based around animals and the activities that are involved with looking after pets. If you have a daughter or a granddaughter who is really into animals, then this could be just right for her.

One games centres around the work and duties of a Vet who has to look after and even cure a whole host of animals. Among the animals that visit the doctor are horses, rabbits, dogs and cats.

A third game is all about playing with pet dogs. This will naturally involve playing fetch by throwing a ball or sticks for the dog to retrieve, as well rewarding your pet by giving the pooch a pat on the back or the tummy for a job well done.

The final choice of computer games in this pack is a mystery game based on the popular fictional books about the character Nancy Drew. If your child is into solving mysteries then this is the game for her.

Another game is all about the adventures that can be had with the horses at Silver Buckle Stables.

Computer Games For Girls From Amazon


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