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Computer Group Policy

Updated on December 12, 2008

What is Group Policy in Computer

This is a policy that applies to a group of users. Group policies apply to all users that are members of agroup ( that has a group policy) and do not have individual user policy.

Like user policies, group policies do not exist by default they must be created, a group policy should be created when more than one user requires the same settings.

It takes less time to create to create group policies than creating multiple individual user policies. A user often belongs to multiple group that have group policies in this situation the administrator can configure group priorities.

Computer Policy

This is acollection of registry settings created in system policy editor that specify a local computer configuration on all users on aprticular windows Operating System. This policy enforces the specified configuration on all user of a particular Windows operating system. There are two types of Computer policy

a) Individual Policy

b) default policy

a) Individual Policy

An individual computer policy applies to asingle specific computer this is normally  created only when a computer requires a unique policy that differs from the default computer policy

b) Default policy

Default user policy is created when a system policy file is initialy created for the first time. This policy apply to a computer only if the computer does not have an individual Computer policy. When a user logons Window permanently overide the existing settings in the HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE section of the registry on the local computer with the setting contain inthe computer policy


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