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Computer Programs All Over The Place? Make them all one click away.

Updated on March 6, 2011

If your anything like me, you have at least 400 programs and other savable items on your computer. 20 or 30 of which you may or may not remember and half of those you have no immediate idea where the hell they are... right?

Lots of programs are worth saving but no good at all unless you know what they are, what name they're listed under, where they are, and can get to one pretty quick when you need it..

Most of the time when you download a program it gets filed in your “C” Drive's “Program Files” sometimes under the company name rather than the programs name. When that happens and you didn't get a desktop icon during setup, your screwed. You can only do a search on it to find it if you happen to remember the programs name or re-install it and watch where it goes this time. A week later even if you do come by the program, there's a good chance you'll have forgotten what it was for. So...90% or better of all your programs you'll never get to use and just take up hard drive space.

Here's a simple way to have access to any and every program on your computer almost instantly.

Let's say you want to do some artwork, or use an internet related program, or a security program to run a virus check. All you have to do is to click on the general category that you set up right on your desktop and every program on your computer or anything else you might need access to will be there in just one click. No searching through the “Start, program files” or the “C drive” program files. Every program on your computer will be right on your desktop and remember, many of your programs you probably long forgot what they do because their title doesn't explain their use. That won't be the case any more, re-name them while your at it.

If you set up the folders you see at the bottom of my desktop with enough specific categories, all programs, even old programs you long forgot about will be just one click away. Remember, if you read my hub on “ “Two Monitors”, you'll notice I have more general categories on the second monitor but you can put yours anywhere on your single desktop monitor.

What if you need to put a watermark on a photo or some official text? Do you have a program that will do that? What if you need to convert kilometers to feet or pounds to ounces or do some artwork? It's all easy and instant if you have a program handy. If you put your converter program shortcut in your “Tools” category, then you've found it right away. Makes life a lot easier believe me. If you can't find a suitable art program in your art folder, then you don't have one, it's that simple.

Here's my list of “Program Category Folders” I use everyday:

Internet---Art---Security---Video---Tools---Fix---Camera's---Audio---Printers---Players---Photo---Office---Info---Fun---Music---Web Page Stuff---Viewers---Speech---Plug-ins---Marketing---Converters---CD-DVD---Animation---Assorted---

These folders are all along the bottom of my desktop for instant access and they contain all the programs I have separated into categories. The icons at the left of the screen are single shortcuts I use everyday. Between the two, the entire content of my computer is accessible right in front of me. Very handy and way less frustrating than searching for something you don't even know you have.

Setting this system up will vary a little depending on your operating system but basically all you have to do is right click on your desktop, choose “New”, then “Folder” then type in the category name and park the new folder somewhere on your desktop. When you've got most of your categories set up, Go to your “C drive”, open up “Program Files”, open up the first program and find the .exe or application file that starts the program and right click it. Choose “Create Shortcut”. You'll see the shortcut add in the file list. Cut and paste it to your desktop or reduce the screen and drag it there and simply put the shortcut in the proper folder. Don't cheat and steal the .exe file from the main program folder. You may need it there someday. Take the time and create a desktop shortcut icon.

Do that with all your programs where ever they may be and working your computer day after day will be a lot less frustrating, and much more functional. It's a lot of organizing at first if you have a lot of programs so do a few programs a day until your done. You'll be glad you did as in my case, I don't think there is and end to my “Program Files”. One can just keep scrolling down and down and down. XY and Z has got to be there some where. :>) I remember the good ole days when all the hard drive room left was 17 kilobytes. That's a far cry from the terabyte I'm running now. So if your like me and already downloaded half the internet (well you never know when your gonna need it right?), set up this system. Like I said, “You'll be glad you did”...


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