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Computer Repair Prices

Updated on June 1, 2010

Computer Repair Prices for Typical Services

 There are any number of problems associated with computer repair. And so there are many different prices. I have built a list of common problems people have with their computers and a basic ballpark price appraisal for you to help guide you in your research.

  • Minimum Charge- Keep in mind that there is usually a minimum charge no matter what kind of computer repair problem you are talking about. Even a basic tune-up will cost this minimum amount. The most common minimum cost is going to be around $100. Remember that some shops charge for diagnostics. This can be anywhere from $40 to $80 in my research. Some computer repair places actually offer to pick up your  computer from you and then deliver it back to you when your problems are all solved. This usually costs an extra $50 or so.
  • Basic Tune Up- In a basic tune-up the computer repair shop will diagnose any problems you might be having with your computer. They always do a defragmenting of your hard drive. So even if you don't have any deep problems, a tune-up should help your computer run faster, sometimes much faster if you have never had a tune-up before. The cost is usually a little over $100, but often you will find specials for less.
  • Data Backup/ Data Transfer- If you are not adept at backing up your own computer files, it might be time to get it done for you as these files could be lost forever if they are not backed up. You should pay around $75 to $100 for a data backup. The backup will be to an external drive or a disc of some kind.
  • Software Installations- There are many different kinds of installations. The simplest installation is a software installation. These won't cost more than $30 or $40, but remember that minimum cost. If your minimum cost is $100 maybe you should consider getting two pieces of software installed in the same visit. A more expensive installation will be an operating system. These cost over $100 and include the operating system and every driver involved as well.
  • Harware Installations- You may think that an external harware installation would be more expensive than a software installation. You would be wrong. For one hardware installation you will pay no more than $50.
  • Wireless Networking- If you want someone to come set up your wireless network, it will cost you between $100 and $200. This is not very difficult to do on your own, but if you want it done for you there are many computer repair shops who can get it done.

Package Deal Computer Repair Prices

What about just taking your wayward computer to the Geeks? The Geek Squad is the most popular name in packaged computer repair. But what exactly do they offer? The biggest thing they do is Spyware and Virus removal. The price completely depends on where you want it done. The cheapest is online. Which will be $149. Bring your computer into the store and it is $200. The most expensive and most convenient option is to have them come to your hosue or office and repair your computer for $300.

In their repairs, the Geeks will provide your computer with any updates they need. And they wiil test your computer in various ways to make sure it is functioning as well as it can. They will make any basic tweaks needed to help it run faster. They will of course repair any weird screens that come up and any issues associated with your operating system.

They have an online support team that can get to work on your computer problems right away. Or, if you need to bring your computer in to them, they can get you into the front of the line right away. Entry level price for their online repair team is $50.

Go to the Geek Squad Website to order any repair packages. Or, if you want to become your own geek, read this ebook that teaches you how to do it all yourself.

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